THIS IS THE SMALLEST ARTIFICIAL HUMAN HEART THAT SAVED THE LIFE OF SIXTEEN-MONTHS OLD BABY. This artificial heart was implanted in the heart of a 16-months old baby. This Heart implant remained in the body for 13-14 days till the child got its Heart donor. By that time, this artificial little heart worked similarly like human heart and saved the child from losing its precious breaths.
The matter in fact was that a little Italian baby was born with a deformed heart. The walls of the heart were so thin that it became difficult for its heart to pump the blood properly. So, what the child really needed was ‘Heart Transplant’. But, the situation became worriedly critical as no immediate donor was available at that time.
The baby had been admitted into the hospital since one month of his age. Earlier, the child was implanted with Berlin Heart which created infection in the whole body, so a tiny 11 gram implantable pump was implanted into its body by replacing that Berlin Heart which was proving fatal to child’s life. That 11 gram implantable pump became the first little artificial heart that saved the precious life of the little baby in danger. The inventor of the heart is Dr. Robert Jarvik who is an American Scientist.

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