1. Dust Jacket: removable paper cover of a book

2. Dutch Treat: the meal, entertainment etc. at which each participants pay for himself

3. Drinks Machine: a machine which makes and serves hot drinks

4. Access card: credit cards of India are access cards of British Banks

5. Adam’s apple: a part of one’s body that sticks out in front of the throat and is seen moving up and down when one speaks

6. Affinity Card: also called a charity card because, every time a person uses it, a fixed amount is sent to charity

7. Alphabet Soup: speech or writing that is full of abbreviations or acronyms

8. Athlete’s foot: a disease in which the skin between the toes cracks

9. Badly off: the opposite of ‘well off’

10. Bag Lady: a homeless woman who walks around carrying all her belongings with her in a bag

11. Black and Blue: darkly discolored skin as a result of being hit by somebody or something.

12. The Big Four: the USA, the UK, China and the former USSR

13. Billy Club: a short stick carried by a police officer

14. Big Apple: New York City

15. Better half: one’s husband or wife

Source: Peculiar English by K Venugopal Rao

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