Let us go in detail and find out what is that thing under the influence of which our boys can’t resist getting attracted towards girls.

1. To get company so that he can feel loved, cared and adored.

2. Hormonal upsurge Sexual attraction.

3. Out of love. It happens rarely and is totally unpredictable when and where it can happen.

4. To feel great by possessing a beautiful girl so that his respect and recognition could increase multifold among his peers.

5. Sometimes he starts from a general friendship and finds that he has fallen in love with that particular girl.

6. He finds something attractive in girl e.g her talk, her behaviour, her beauty, her intelligence or anything which wins his heart and thus he wants to have her as his girlfriend.

7. Sometimes it happens that both boy and girl hate each other a lot, owing to some reason, but gradually both of them start liking each other and in this way their mutual liking develops into a relationship.

8.To show one’s manliness or to prove to the world that I can win the heart of a girl or I can attract a girl towards me.

9. Eve teasing i.e an unlawful way of attracting girls towards them.

10. Any reason that is especially known to the boy himself.

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