It is a universally testified fact that if the tenth guru of the Sikhs, Guru Gobind Singh, hadn’t sacrificed his entire beloved family and himself, the whole of India would have been converted into the fold of non-majority religion of India – you yourself know what I wanted to say here. The great sacrifice of one’s own family consisting of an old mother and four little children made by the guru for India has no other precedent in the past and the present world. Sacrificing one’s adorable and beloved children needs a brave heart of lion and we all know that only Guru Gobind Singh could have had such heart of lion. Only an injured person could tell how much pain he is feeling. Similarly, it was only Guru Gobind Singh and not us, who could have known the unbearable and excruciating pain of losing his family. But let me say with great regret and lacerated heart that for us that great pain suffered by the guru for India has become an easy-to-forget history.

But let me remind the whole of India once again that the fruit of the present time that we all are eating in the form of freedom of religion under a major democratic set up is the result of the long-ago planted tree of humanity, equality and justice by none other than the Guru Gobind Singh himself. The happiness and joys of present India are the results of the courage and dare-devil stand shown by the guru against the barbaric and fanatic Mughals of that time who were hell bent in converting the whole of India into the fold of Islam, who didn’t want to see any non-Islamic people and whose ideology was just to promote and spread Islam by this way or that way.

Guru Gobind Singh was a real Indian hero or an Indian yogi, the yogi of the yogis – a supreme yogi. He like other Indian yogis or sadhus didn’t ran away from his social obligations and duties, rather he chose to live a domestic life. He didn’t consider himself as someone special who was entitled to posh life, instead he was so humble in his approach that when he created Khalsa Panth, he called himself a meager servant of his chosen five beloved (panj payaaras). Holiness, purity of character, compassion and virtue were the qualities attained and earned by him in his life situations, and not by running away from them and by remaining shamelessly and cowardly hidden in caves, jungles and mountains. And we can see ourselves by reading the whole Indian history that Guru Gobind Singh didn’t run away to jungles; rather he devoted all his life and family for the suffering humanity of India.

Imagine for a while what would have been the scene now if Guru Gobind Singh hadn’t raised his sword against the brute Mughals of that sensitive time. Just visualize in your mind what would our women have been wearing today if the Khalsa warriors of the Guru hadn’t fought bravely with the Mughal when they used to attack us at midnight and take away our women with them?

It seems that we Indians like the Americans have become the masters of historical manipulation. Tampering with historical data in order to snatch away the benefit of credit is that art in which we have gained an exceptional expertise. Sometimes when we couldn’t distort historical facts due to some situational limitations then we tend to hush over the events through ‘gradual neglect/forgetfulness’ which works like ‘slow poison’. And we all know that the person killed through the regular doses of slow poison couldn’t be termed ‘murdered’, for us it is a natural death. In the same straight manner, the successive government establishments in India have viciously tried to forget the grand sacrifice made by Guru Gobind Singh for the entire oppressed nation. If whatever I am saying is not at all true then tell me:
1. Why do we fail to eulogize Guru Gobind Singh’s sacrifices for India through government published papers and literature?
2. Why don’t we have bravery awards dedicated to the memory of Guru Gobind Singh?
3. Why did Indira Gandhi attack the Golden Temple if she hadn’t forgotten the history shaped by Guru Gobind Singh?
4. Why does the government of India not take a big initiative to celebrate annual birth anniversary of Guru Gobind Singh on an international level so that the whole world will be able to know about the significant and unprecedented contribution of the guru towards India?
5. Why were the streets of Delhi flooded with the dead bodies of innocent Sikhs during communal riots of 80s? Did the rioters forget that their ancestors were saved by the guru’s Sikhs?
6. And why is justice to the Sikhs still pending in that ‘establishment -orchestrated Sikh genocide’?
7. Why are unscrupulous attempts still being made by the government agencies to show Sikhism as a branch of majority religion in India?

It is really heartening to know that the unprecedented contribution and sacrifices made by Guru Gobind Singh and his father Guru Tegh Bahadur towards India have been swept intentionally under the carpet of sheer indebtedness and gross neglect. And this is the reason that to this day still the successive governments of India could not do anything substantial to preserve, promote and recognize the great works of the guru, instead shameful attempts are still being overtly made today to corrode and demean the grand image of Sikhism as represented by Sikh gurus, especially by Guru Nanak and Guru Gobind Singh.

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