love tyll

1. The fear of Initiation
Most of us get anxious and over-excited by the thrill of emotional relationship that a certain kind of fear develops in our minds. . It is ‘the fear of initiation’ which paralyzes our power of expression owing to our own threat of appearing fool or weak or a some sort of threat to that particular person (parents should not be included in that particular person to whom we want to say ‘I Love You). All this makes us insecure as far as our emotional dependency on that particular person is considered.

2. Homely Atmosphere
If saying ‘I Love You’ is not a custom in one’s own house then how can we say that the children raised in that family would definitely practice expressing those 3 words of our liking towards someone we admire a lot? Man is an animal of herd. Whatever he mostly does depends on the chain of things that is going regularly and habitually in that herd.

3. Upper hand or the Feeling of Superiority
With the advancement and progression in our external world and the heating up of competition in the social world, our egos too have taken an upward spiral. We want to do everything keeping in view the superiority of our egos. The man of today is slowly and slowly forgetting the virtues of humility and down-to-earth approach in his social interactions. He cunningly knows that his saying of ‘I Love You’ firstly would indicate his own personal weakness and his appearing of inferior or dependant on that particular person of his liking. And this is the reason that ‘I Love You’ is slowly and slowly getting invisible from today’s social and personal interactions.

4. Growing Materialism
Someone has rightly quoted, “Humans were supposed to be loved and the things were supposed to be used but I have to regretfully say that now-a-days humans are being used and the things are being loved’. What touching lines have been quoted by the writer of the preceding lines. Materialism in the form of consumerism is eating into the social as well as domestic fabric of our lives. We have gone so much busy in collecting the physical comforts of the world that we have forgotten saying ‘I Love You’ to human and instead are busy in saying ‘I Love my Samsung mobile/ Dell laptop/ Mahindra SUVcar etc’.

5. We are not Animals
Why is it so that we easily and spontaneously express our love for some animals and birds? Today, I think a dog is being taken more care of than a child in its family. Humans, now-a-days could be seen here and there, struggling to protect themselves from the scorching Sun and the animals are sitting comfortably in AC rooms. Why? It is because while expressing our love for animals we don’t have to think a lot- as animals don’t have thinking minds! While getting emotional with humans there is some kind of insecurity and fear. But this is not the case with animals we adore.

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