Once upon a time there lived a crow. As all of us know that crow is pit black in color, so whenever that crow saw his own image in water, he often felt hurt and depressed. One day, in order to know what others think and feel about his ugliness in the form of black color, he went into the jungle and started asking them one or the other thing.
He first went to cuckoo (Koyal), and said her that how lucky she was to have a melodious voice in spite of her black color. Cuckoo then regretted her sweet voice by saying that what is the fun of having honeyed tongue if she is black in color. She further said that she wished that she had been sweet and beautiful in color too. The crow got surprised on knowing the discontented nature of the cuckoo (like that of him), as he had been thinking that she must be the most contented and fulfilled bird among them.
The crow then went to Swan and admired his pure whiteness of his God-gifted color. After listening to the admiration shown by the crow, the Swan again and again repeated his dissatisfaction by saying that in reality; it is the parrot which should be respected. The Swan further stressed that parrot has colorful body and everybody prefers to keep him at home. So, the Swan too like Cuckoo felt sorry for having discontented and dissatisfying life.
The crow then went to the Parrot, which had been pleasing and entertaining his host while sitting sadly and worriedly in a short and strong cage. The crow went near him and praised about his happiness and fulfillment in life owing to his colorful body and his ability of copying people’s voices. On listening to the regards shown by the crow, the parrot got angered and perplexed and lashed out at the crow by encountering his words of praise by the logic that what is the fun of having colorful body and the ability to copy others’ voices if he could not roam and fry freely like him. Like Cuckoo, Swan and Crow, the parrot too was not satisfied with his life as he used to spent most of his life in a cage. He too was feeling unfulfilled, discontented and unhappy about his life.
After getting into the depth of the response given by those discontented birds, it came to the sheer realization of the Crow that nobody is fully satisfied or completely contented in their life. All of us have one or the other thing missing in our life and about which we can’t do anything. We just have to accept that missing element or part in our life. We should feel contented by expressing our sincere thanks to the great Almighty for giving us enough to support our precious life.

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