Where are present-day Sikhs moving?


Let us take an example in what proportion Sikhs are being divided in themselves:
As a sample take total population of Sikhs as10, so out of 10
1. 1 belongs to babas, mahants, saints, etc.
2. 1 belongs to marhi masaan, kabran, dhauli dhaar, baarh sahib, etc.
3. 1 belongs to converted Hindus,etc.
4. 1 belongs to Yogi Bhajan like self-styled Ramdevs or rationalist Sikhs who are hell bent in annihilating the spiritual part of Sikhism.
5. 1 belongs to Taksaalia, Bhindrawala, Nanakasaria like cult.
6. 1 belongs to new-age ‘Katha Vaachaks’ like ‘Dhunda’ etc.
7. 1 belongs to RSS and and other government agencies
8. 1 belongs to new generation who seem to be the mix of the above mentioned Sikhs, those who don’t want to take risk at all.
9. 1 remains that is trying hard to return back to the true concept of Gurus’ Sikhi.
10. 1 remains that is counted as true Sikh committed to the original concept of Guru Granth Sahib ji and is an alarming number for the entire Sikh community residing in India and abroad.

Guru Granth Sahib Ji was meant for the whole humanity so that all humans could be taken into brotherly enfoldment or motherly hug but sadly we Sikhs couldn’t deliver the right message to the world let alone to the Sikhs themselves. The real thing was to become Nanak ourselves by completely following the message given by Guru Granth Sahib Ji. Nanak was against ‘idol worshipping’ and what we Sikhs did! We got an image made of Nanak and started worshipping that very image. Are we following the word of Nanak in letter and Spirit? We would like to go to Gurudwara but sadly, we aren’t willing to change or transform ourselves. The real thing was to become a manifested form of ‘ Guru Granth Sahib Ji’ and not getting them entangled in blind and meaningless rituals!

Guru Nanak Dev Ji clearly and open declares in the Guru Granth Sahib Ji that nobody could know and define God as that Supreme Power can’t be enclosed in our fists like minds. God keeps on growing or happening or manifesting in our little human understanding. That supreme entity is a constant occurrence, an eternal manifestation that goes on taking place. That power is like a flower that is eternally blooming, that is constantly giving us fragrance. Because its power is infinite, all descriptions fall short of it. All the images we have made to date and all the descriptions we have done are incomplete. It is like children’s clothes that they soon outgrow them. God always keep growing in our understanding. We are still not able to understand that why we are using he form the great Almighty as that Supreme Entity is not either male or female.

If you find a rough diamond by the wayside you will not pick it. Even if someone like you see it he is not going to pick it up. But on getting the gaze of an experienced jeweller that rough diamnd will be immediately picked up and be carried by respect by that jeweller. The same diamond whch was equally available to all the 3 people mentioned above was not seen and picked by all of them but ├Ânly by one person . God, similarly lies before our very eyes i.e all around us but only a minor few know where to see and in what way to contact that supreme power. Common eyes aren’t that capable to see that power because in them their ‘I’ amness’ or their ‘EGO’ is restricting them to see and contact the great Almighty. Either God or ‘I’. No two entities can remain in a single scabbard. Either God is there or You are there.

By Mrignain Kaur
Lifepotter. Com is sincerely indebted to Mrignain Kaur for sharing such intellectual article on the eve of VAISAKHI.

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