Mensa is an organization for the high IQ people. Neither money, profession, power, political pressure nor social status will get you in, brain power will.
The only qualification for the membership of Mensa is a score that is within the upper two percent of the general population, measured on an approved, supervised intelligence test. This test is the only way to get Mensa membership.
Mensa was a brain child of prof. Cyril Burt, who first suggested the idea of a society for intelligent people in a broadcast in 1946. In October, the same year, the society was officially born and christened Mensa, a Latin word for table, symbolizing a ‘round table’ where members could meet and exchange views as equals. Sir Cyril Burt was its first president. The aims of Mensa were to identify and foster human intelligence for the benefit of humanity; to encourage research into the nature, characteristics and uses of intelligence; to provide a stimulating intellectual and social environment for its members.
Mensans, at Mensa members are called, vary in occupation from taxi drivers to businessmen, from secretary to school teachers, from doctors and artists to students and housewives. They range from the unemployed to the wealthy, and their philosophies from the ultra conservatives to the super liberals. What they do have in common is a high intelligence quotient (IQ).
Mensa provides a forum for intellectual exchange among members. Its activities includes exchange of ideas through lectures, discussions, journals, special interest groups and local, regional, national and international gatherings, the investigations of members’ opinions and attitudes, and assistance to researchers, inside and outside Mensa, in projects dealing with intelligence and related matters. The most valuable and useful aspects of Mensa membership has been bring opportunities of consulting others of high mental ability for mutual intelligence development.
Whatever others say, Mensa has developed as an institution in itself in the last 50 years of its existence. It not only promotes contact among intelligent people, but also sponsors projects to foster intelligence, encourages gifted and talented children, sponsors competitions and bestows awards. As a part of its world activities, it develops mind stimulating and intelligence developing games and activities for people around the world.

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