1. Action-Oriented and Practical:
Americans hate sitting idle. They are very active and practical in their approach. For them performing action is more effective then theorizing ideas. They believe in quick and prompt action. They always keep them creatively and productively busy. Then never say what they can’t do and they always do whatever they get involved into.

2. Pursuit of Happiness:
Making life comfortable, secured and respectable is their top goal in life. If this requires earning wealth and gathering simple luxuries of life, they would not hesitate to do that at all. They intend to attain a well-standard and progressive life. And also for this core value of theirs, others countries call them materialistic and acquisitive in nature.

3. Volunteerism:
As seen from their biggest charity contribution towards the third world countries or to the poor countries, one can easily confirm that they like charitable or humanitarian tasks. They truly know what is the value of human life and that is the reason they want to save human lives by donating a large sum of money every year.

4. Individualism:
Each and every man on earth is unique, special and respect-worthy one. Everyone is free to lead an independent and free life. Americans think that each one is free to desire, express, do and think whatever they can. They lay emphasis on the spirit of individuality.

3. Passionate:
Feeling passionate and enthusiastic in their work, whatever it may be, is their topmost core value. They live their work – small or big. Being passionate gives them a kind of thrill and excitement in their chosen endeavors.

4.Directness or Straightforwardness:
Americans love to be straight, clear and to the point in their approach towards people. They hate deception, indirectness and manipulation either in their social or professional lives. For them if things are not said in a direct or straightforward manner then something fishy or suspicious must be there. They never feel afraid or hesitate while disclosing defects in people or people’s work. They always insist on hard and naked facts of life. They don’t believe in making excuses and delaying things unnecessarily.

5. Innovative or Creative:
Most of the inventions that we see today, be it medical inventions or electronic devices or steam engine, are given to the humanity by creative Americans. They like to create and invent things in their spare time. Not even this, Facebook , Whatsapp and also Google through which you are able to read this article are developed by Americans.

It is that core value which makes them distinct among other nationalities. Americans never allow themselves to be taken lightly or for granted by others. They never compromise with their self-esteem. For them preserving or guarding one’s self-esteem is like being a sentry of some precious treasure. They care for their self-esteem in a manner one cares for his wealth. Self-esteem is the thing that gives one inalienable respect and honor in one’s own very eyes. If self-esteem is lost, everything seems lost and ruined altogether.

7.Dignity of labor:
No one works as much hard as Americans irrespective of the work they choose. They know what work means to them. They know well that without work, life’s value, charm and taste could not be known. No work, if done with love and respect, is inferior or low to them. They think that every work they do has some inbuilt nobleness and sacredness in them.

8.Valuers of time:
Time, for Americans, is a precious commodity and which they want to spend in as much wise manner as they can. Time wastage is a grave sin or crime to them. They respect time a lot. And that is the reason that they are ahead of every nation in today’s time of stiff competition.

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