The first child martyr that any political party contributed towards the independence of its country was none other than ‘Sardar Kartar Singh Sarabha’ (17 year old) of Ludhiana (Punjab). The name of the party was ‘Ghadar Party’. The party’s contribution towards the independence of mother India was really great. Blessed is the village ‘Sarabha’ and blessed blessed are the parents of Sardar Kartar Singh Sarabha who blossomed forth such praiseworthy and meritorious child who shook intensely the throne of the British Empire in India. But sadly, see the bad luck of his father that he couldn’t behold the grand moment when his adorable son embraced the queen of death on the palanquin of guillotine.

Kartar Singh Sarabha pleaded guilty to all the charges and said, “I know the consequences- either transportation for life or death sentence. I shall prefer to be executed, for that would give me an opportunity to be reborn to serve my country. Should I be born as a woman in my next birth, I would wish to give birth to rebel children.” And the judge passed the death sentence.

Sardar Kartar Singh was of a sharp mind even from his birth. Since he was a boy of exceptional caliber, the children of his school used to take him as their leader. He couldn’t tolerate the injustice committed against anyone around him. Even the teachers of the school where he was studying would get surprised and amazed seeing his extraordinary qualities. The teachers couldn’t help praising him whenever they came to know about something appreciative about him.

Sardar Kartar Singh was just studying in eleventh class when his father expired. His family was having a lot of lands so after taking some money from his family he went to America at the age of just fourteen years. Reaching San Francisco (in America), he got associated with ‘Gadhar Party’. The moment when he became the member of ‘Ghadar party’ was very memorable and auspicious for him because it was the moment that made him feel as if he had gotten back something that he had lost many years ago.

The sacrifice made by Jaitan Das:

Here it is important to mention in passing the sacrifice made by Jaitan Das – the loyal and the best friend of Shaheed-E-Aazam Sardar Bhagat Singh.  This Bengali child was also one of those who laid down his precious life for country’s sake while sitting in a hunger strike along with Sardar Bhagat Singh (the strike that lasted for long 14 days).

Sardar Ajeet Singh (1881-1947):

Khatkal Kalan, a famous village in district Jullundhur (Punjab), is counted as the womb of martyrs because this village gave birth to fearless, dedicated, and staunch patriotic Sardar Arjan Singh from whose house came committed patriotic and symbols of sacrifice Sardar Ajeet Singh, Sardar Kishan Singh, and Sardar Swaran Singh. And it was ‘Shaheed-E-Aazam Sardar Bhagat Singh’ who was their grandchild and who later on lent sheen not only to his own village but also to the name of his country India amidst the world.

Sardar Ajeet Singh was a staunch nationalist and a revolutionary par excellence. He cleared his BA from DAV college, Lahore and after completing his education started taking active participation in political and social affairs. Sardar Ajeet Singh breathed his last in Dalhousie (Punjab), on the auspicious day of India’s independence i.e 15th August 1947. His last words were, “I am immensely grateful to Waheguru that my mission is fulfilled.” He protested against the barbaric act ‘Punjab Colonization Act 1906’ by organizing a stir with the participation of local farmers. He was credited with being the foremost protestor (in Punjab) who openly worked against the prevailing British hegemony. He was a daring and open critic of the Indian Colonial government of that time. He always worked as an expatriate and had remained in exile for 38 years. Seeing his valuable contribution to his country, a memorial is created at Panjpula, Dalhousie.

It is really tragic and regretful to say that we the praise singers of Rani Laxmi Bhai have easily forgotten great sacrifices made by the brave and committed members of Ghadar party – the party that gave maximum martyrs to India. How can we people of India remember such daring and committed nationalists or patriotic youth of India as they have the conflicted identity i.e Sikhs – fundamentalist Sikhs – the Sikhs who follow Guru Gobind Singh Ji and who are committed towards their religion and can do anything to keep intact the honor and dignity not only of their religion but also of their lovely country.

In ‘Lahore Conspiracy Case’ sixteen brave-hearted Sikhs were tried under sedition case and were handed life-sentence. The Sikhs that were given lifer were Baba Sohan Singh Bhakna, Baba Wasakha Singh, Baba Gurmukh Singh, Baba Sher Singh, Sant Randheer Singh, Sardar Harnam Singh ji ‘Tundilaat’ and many more.

Compared to the rest of India, village ‘Roorhi Baba’ in district Amritsar of India has contributed appreciatively and in large number to Ghadar party. Sardar Bhagat Singh, Sardar Mota Singh, Sardar Tara Singh and Sardar Wadhava Singh are the produce of this little but great village of Punjab. It is also to be noted that when Sardar Ajeet Singh returned India in 1945 i.e after 37 years in exile, the Congress party didn’t give him any warm welcome at all and moreover, when the Cabinet Mission Plan was being formulated and the country was being torn apart by the partition nobody from Congress party considered to take some advice from Sardar Ajeet Singh. The Congress party knew very well that it would make him a popular Sikh leader if he had been welcomed or his advice were taken at that time.

It is also a great irony that Maharaja Ripudaman Singh aka Sardar Gurcharan Singh who contributed his entire life to his own country nothing valuable has been done so far to erect some memorial like something in his name. If the life-size pictures of other Indian leaders who fought for India’s independence can be placed with honor and dignity in the Parliament House of India then why not the picture of Maharaja Ripudaman Singh and other great Sikh leaders? Being a member of the Imperial Legislative Council, Maharaja Ripudaman Singh lent his laudatory and worthwhile services to the nation but still his picture is not being given that required honor and respect in the Parliament House of India. Why? Was he a Sikh? Or anything else?

Following are the names of the Sikh people who were hanged in ‘Lahore Conspiracy Case’:

Sardar Wadhava Singh, Amritsar

Sardar Tara Singh, Amritsar

Sardar Buddh Singh, Amritsar

Sardar Harnam Singh, Amritsar

Sardar Jetha Singh, Amritsar

Sardar Bhagat Singh, Amritsar

Sardar Beer Singh, Hoshiarpur

Sardar Heera Singh, Lahore

Sardar Bhaan Singh, Ludhiana

Sardar Jagat Singh,

Sardar Aroorh Singh, Lahore


By Sardar Singh ji,

Basti Karan Bagh,

Jammu (J&K),


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