By ‘Bhavsagar’ as told by our reverend spiritual texts, I mean the deepening and the widening gap between our ‘True Self (Clean Self)’ and our ‘Acquired Self (Conditioned and Contaminated Self). And the matter of concern is that this so called gap or ‘Bhavsagar’ is getting more deepened and widened day in and day out. The sole reason for such deepening is our own self ignorance or our gradual disengagement from our pure and sacred self.

The society in which we are now living has become the hotbed of so many vices and negative conditioning that to think and act according to the set principles of love, compassion, honesty and transparency seems patently idealistic and fatal.
To cross this so called ‘Bhavsagar’ all we have to do is to regain our lost touch and association with our true and pious self. We have to become self conscience and totally awakened towards our negative and conditioned self.
Our brains are controlled by a ‘body of thoughts’ which is the result of our social conditioning. Whatever hurt, tragedy, gloom, insult and other self injury we feel, is purely due to that social cover or conditioned dust (commonly known as ego). We have forgotten the ‘Divine nature’ we are born with. It is our ‘Divine Nature’ that defines us a creation of God. This Divine Nature is what should define success, not the ego. As we grow up, mature and start listening to the people around us more than listening to our ‘True and Inner Self, our ego becomes stronger to a point where we become separated from that ‘True Self’- only to spend a lifetime trying to reunite with that inner self or crossing the so called ‘Bhavsagar’.

It is this separation that strengthens the ego to the point where we think we are the ego. We become so identified with materialistic things that we forgot who we truly are. The ego wants to convince us that our inner true self is fiction and that the meaning of life is found in material things, not within our hearts and minds. And unless and until we get detached from that socially conditioned cover we call ego, we couldn’t get eternal and unalloyed happiness and contentment. And this according to me is the ‘Ultimate Human Enlightenment’ or our ‘Ultimate Liberation’ from the onslaughts of materialistic world (being materialistic is not wrong but to give undue importance to it is truly and certainly wrong ).

We need to get in touch with all the enshrined values and virtues as mentioned in our spiritual and school books. We should start living a life based on the tenets of honesty and integrity. Our homecoming to our own lost touch with our basic self is only the meaning of ‘Crossing of Bhavsagar’.

(Some content has been added from ‘The Happiness factor by Kirk Wilkinson )


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