Express your Feelings for a better relationship

To be afraid of appearing sentimental, many of us hold back expressions of warmth, fellow feeling and love. We, thus get devoid of rich and profound friendships. We say thanks when we mean ‘God bless you’, and ‘so long’ when we mean ‘I will miss you a lot’. G.K Chesterton once said that the meanest fear is the fear of sentimentality.
Jesus had a way of doing that. He said in a hundred different ways that he loved his disciples. There could have been no doubt in their minds of his affection.

Why are we so reluctant to say openly that we care for another? Several reasons could be there. There may the possibilities of giving someone –the indication of our emotional weakness; that our expression of warmth will not be reciprocated and thus we will be rejected; others may exploit our sentimentality to their own advantage; the fear of being laughed at for our sentimentality and many more possibilities.

There are few emotions more frightening than embarrassment, and we go to great lengths to avoid even the possibility of it.

But those who are loved widely are usually those who throw caution to the winds and declare their love freely.
Dare to declare your love to someone whom you really care for. Many a single woman thinks she must play safe on dates or risk driving men away. Although she may be attracted to him, she keeps her feelings to herself. But such aloofness actually defeats her very purpose to make her indelible impression in the hearts of men.

It is tragically sad when two people come together and like what they see in each other, yet, because both are shy, they do not declare their affection and so the relationship sputters and dies. The tragedy is that the love goes unrequited simply because it is undeclared.

The writer is Alan Loy McGnnis

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