An Inspirational Anecdote From Real Life


My friend-cum-colleague who does a night shift in a multinational company in Gujarat shared with me an inspirational and life-altering event from his life. The event he shared was full of wisdom and a great lesson for the humanity. I liked and acknowledged that event highly and so today I ‘am going to share that with you as well.
As I already told that he is working in a night shift. So as usually, he was dropped by the cab at the main stop leading to his paying guest accommodation. The time was 3:30 AM when he reached his stop and from there he was to cover a few steps to reach his room.

The empty street at those wee hours was giving a sinister and scary appearance to him. He had hardly covered half of his distance when he saw a lean and weak dog barking menacingly at him. He felt utterly afraid and started praying to God as it appeared certain to him that the dog would bite him at any moment. But somehow, he managed to keep himself calm and relaxed in that critical hour so that the dog could not sniff out his fearfulness. He walked with padded steps and finally reached his room in a daze.

When he loosen himself up and went to bed, a grand realization struck his mind. The realization was about the power of time- the power which can make anyone strong and weak and meek as well. He thought that the same little dog which seemed to him like a roaring lion and also made him haplessly scared during night hours was the same lean and weak dog which he used to shoo it easily during the day time amidst a lot of people. At day time the dog found him like a roaring lion but at night the same dog appeared a roaring lion to him.

It was the time that lent power to the dog during night. It was also time that lent power to my friend during day. The little and emaciated dog which carries no fear at all during day to us, when comes night, becomes so much aggressive and powerful that even a man of great built start fearing him a lot. So it was the time which made the dog threatening and powerful. The realization jolted my friend from his deep sleep and he started rethinking about the whole event once again

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