Young Kashmiri boys hit a burning police vehicle after it was set on fire by protestors at Barthana neighborhood in Srinagar, India, Wednesday, Aug. 4, 2010. Hundreds of demonstrators chanting anti-India slogans held protest marches in Indian Kashmir Wednesday defying a rigid round-the-clock curfew and police orders that they would be shot on sight. (AP Photo/Dar Yasin)


Kashmir, the land of saints and natural splendor, has once again become an adda of political upmanship and conflicting interests. The leaders at the helm are hell bent in not showing any political and moral courage to settle the dispute once and for all. The very leaders that we aam junta of Jammu and Kashmir choose with much trust and gaiety have stabbed us grievously at our backs. These leaders are suffering from myopic vision and if one believes, they don’t even have any strong, effective and substantial strategy to deal with such terrible state of affairs in today’s Kashmir where the bright and shining future and life of its youth are at the stake.

These leaders are just temporizing with such international dispute! They are just doing their own experiments. And who are the guinea pigs here? They are none other than the innocent people of Kashmir. Unless and until the leaders from every social, educational, religious and especially from political sphere show any sincere interest towards settling the disputatious conditions in Kashmir, no one from outside, even God, could do anything substantial, productive and perpetually progressive. From a long time, to the wicked and sly leaders of Jammu and Kashmir, the valley of Kashmir has been serving like a plate of gold full of geographical and political delicacies. Nobody wants to get part with such gold plate of everlasting opportunities.

The only way to slay the hydra-headed monster of Kashmir is that we all being the citizens of India First and Jammu and Kashmir second, should get united and leave our self-serving interests, roaring egos and narrow mindedness and come in the front taking cudgels in our hands and shout at these fox like leaders that “You idiots have done whatever you wanted to do, now we don’t want to see this drama any longer, get lost and let us decide what is good or bad for us. What you have given to us? The blood of our youth! The blood of our natural resources! And the blood of our religion! What else then? Go fuck off!”

We have to create that tsunami like wave that would ultimately submerge such political and other double standard leaders in whose hearts no final solution towards Kashmir is seen but only lust, ego, anger, greed and selfishness. They are like parasites enjoying a free ride and yummy blood on the back of their hosts.

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