Some kind of inferior complex or unfounded fear or we can say some kind of internal insecurity has started permeating the deep recesses of the minds of our younger generations which has been influencing them like anything. And such morbid fear or insecurity has made them so much neurotic that for them nothing seems more adorable and charming than the job laden with utmost power. For them power is everything. For them being powerful is the only mission of their earthly existence.

Either say lust or mad desire, but one thing is undenyingly sure that the meaning of ‘grand career planning’ has metamorphically changed for our present generations of youths. The lust of power has now become one of their motivating and guiding factors in today’s career planning. It has become one of the ‘addictive and burning desires’ in the impressionable and the easily-socially-influenced minds of our younger generations – the generations who don’t want to feel meek and humble while putting their grievances to the public authorities, the generations who don’t want to feel intimidated and suppressed by the grim realities of today’s hard life, and the generations who don’t want to get harassed at police stations or publicly frisked and questioned by police on duty, stand in a long queue or wait unnecessarily to get their issues resolved.

“The ability to control or influence money, people, and resources” can be taken as the true meaning of power. It is to force people, directly or indirectly, to do what you want them to do, whether or not it is in harmony with their own or morally or socially bounded notions of principles of fairness and justice. Power is always used to abuse people and take undue advantage of the situations in which people find themselves. Initially, power is used to get our works done easily and when the time lingers on, it is used to satisfy our own addiction or lust towards it because of the simple love of power. And that is the reason Henry Kissinger (noted American statesman) had quoted, “Power is the ultimate aphrodisiac”.

For our youth being doctors, engineers, scientists, and teachers, which were considered noble and worthwhile professions of the gone times, seem no more charming and magnetic. These professions are now almost disrespectfully cast away into the stinking bin of history. There is no denying the fact that these old-cum-gold professions can endow you with some required self-esteem and social respect, but they don’t grease your egotistical tendencies, they don’t lend you the cover of power and influence, they don’t lend you the shield of immunity and total defence, and they also don’t lend you the impenetrable fortress of legal, social, and authoritarian protection. These professions can, no doubt, somehow move your vehicle of daily existence and may also give you some external security and fulfillment of your basic human and social needs but regretfully they can’t quench your raging internal need to appear powerful and strong amongst the people around you.

The lust of power has become one of the destructive forces in the world today, especially in India of today where our mothers never forget to sing the lullabies of honesty, sincerity, morality, and integrity into the ears of our children. These are the same children who when face the stark and the grim realities of their proximate social and political circumstances, waste no further time in adjusting their career planning and become hell bent in grasping power in one or the other form. So, getting power in any form – wealth, ministry, or big government officer – has become the only passionate goal of our younger generations.

The lust of power (either by becoming some political leader, or the most wealthiest person of your locality, or by becoming some big government officer) endow you with the opportunity to influence the people, society, money, situations, and the resources around you. So having known this grim and ironic reality of today’s ever-growing competitive life, can we say that the younger generations (who is afflicted with their own sickness of inferiority complex or insecurity) be fully able to manage the affairs of their society and country in an appreciable manner when they get opportunities to get endowed with one or other power? Can we say with utmost certainty and honesty that the decisions (for their own society and country) taken by such future citizens or persons of eminence be based on the ever shining values of justice, equality, liberty, and fairness? Can we say that such decisions be not influenced by their own petty selfishness and meanness?

For our young and dynamic people embracing power seems to be the easiest and
the fastest way to get all their problems of daily life solved. Power to them seems to be a magic wand that has the capacity to ease up the rough terrains of social and professional lives. Power to them is everything. Power to them means blind and enormous respect from the people around them. Power to them means no hardships and agony while moving through the labyrinthine and draconian bureaucracy of political, professional, official, legal, and social lives.

Our younger generations – that could also have explored their multiple intelligences in other fields, as propounded by the eminent educationist Howard Gardner of Harvard School Of Education, have been pathetically and emotionally hijacked by their surrounding grave injustice and unfairness – as rendered by the people in authority – and this is the only reason which empowers their internal urge to grasp hold of power so that they could get all their works done in the easiest and the fastest manner. Nowadays, as we ourselves can see around us, the lust of power has become something severely contagious or infectious. Such a contagious concept has been also taking serious toll of the inborn intelligences of our youth. It clearly means the murder of the God-gifted talent in all of us. The youth who could have become something great in life by focusing on one’s talent and by getting right encouragement from their parents, get easily emotionally hijacked when they see others enjoying the undue benefits of power. Such contagiousness or the wave of insecurity has become the serious offender in murdering the Isaac Newton, the Albert Einstein, the Mother Teresa, the Mozart, the Gandhi, the Lincoln, the Beethoven, the Lata Mangeshkar, the Sachin, and the Martin Luther King Junior in all of us.

And when such feeling to get power becomes dominant in their minds, then who cares about the law and the justice of the land, then these same people get firmly colored in the hue of their exploiters! And the same vicious circle goes around and around – without any revolutionary transformation in the psyche of our younger generations. And if such is the trend of our social and national life, then how we are going to transform the ailing and the distorting image of our India, then how we are going to treat the less privileged and the deprived sections of our society with the noble concepts of justice, equality, and fairness? Then how can we justify the grand lessons of honesty, equality, morality, and justice in our schools and academic books? Then how can we nurture the notion of just and fair society in our so called intellectual and spiritual minds?

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