beautiful life art

1. Material gains will not bring happiness. People who search for happiness in terms of money, real estate, possessions, or investment portfolios are always in for a rude awakening. All the money in the world will not buy happiness.

2. Wealthy people are often lonely and suspicious of people’s motives.

3. Have a readjusted mental attitude.

4. There are people who are happy even though they have very little. There are also people who are unhappy, even though they have the wealth of kings.

5. Our reaction to our financial condition is far more important than the reality of the financial position.

6. We either have intellectual poverty or occupational poverty or financial poverty or emotional poverty.

7. Surrender your arrogance and swallow your pride.

8. Poverty handled in a pleasant and positive manner, is an opportunity to involve good and generous people in our dreams, for often the strong welcome an opportunity to help the weak.

9. Practice, ‘I need help’ and ‘I’ am sorry’. Admit your weakness. It carries the potential to change your life to the good.

10. The deepest need of the human being is the need to be needed.

11. Fundamental lack of self-esteem with a hidden fear of being rejected on terms of self-confidence is the main problem that prevents us from admitting our mistakes and asking for forgiveness and correction.

12. Admitting your need for help in a genuine and sincere manner causes you to be a person of such emotional and intellectual integrity that people will start trusting you. And they will go along with you.

13. We are emotionally and socially conditioned to negativity by the world in which we live in.

14. All the success and the money in the world will not buy you more tomorrows when your time has come.

15. Allow some room for growth of your attitude. Be not defensive. Instead of going on an ‘ego trip’ go on ‘success trip’.


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