Why do our students get phobic towards Mathematics ?

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[su_heading size=”18″ align=”left”]Because they think that:[/su_heading]

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  • It is very difficult get it mastered.
  • It is boring and time consuming.

  • It is uninteresting (being logical and rational)

  • Its understanding requires great mental labor.

  • It is meant for only genius people whose numerical ability is inherently sharp.

  • It has no frequent utility in our daily life (like Science, Chemistry, English).

  • It is meant for only accountants, business entrepreneurs and one who wants to pursue it as a career in teaching line.

  • It is not an important subject.


[su_heading size=”18″ align=”left”]And also because our parents and teachers don’t:[/su_heading]

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  • consider their responsibility sincerely in developing a genuine and undivided interest in making their pupil adequately hooked towards Mathematics.
  • successfully manage to find out the reason behind their pupil’s falling interest in Mathematics and thereby coming out with a well-defined strategy to deal with this nagging worry.
  • make the teaching of Mathematics as interesting and funny as other subjects of Science.
  • want their pupil to take mathematics as their major subject. As it appears ( just an assumption not a valid reality) to them that their pupil is not fit for it.
  • know the true and universal application of Mathematics starting from the time we leave our beds early in the morning.( See ‘time’, a universal concept based on Mathematics).


(by Narinder Singh, J&K Bank)
(by Narinder Singh, J&K Bank)

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