Spiritual Nuggets

Ralph Wald Trine


1. We need to realize that environment should never be allowed to make man but that man should always and always condition the environment.

2. Allow yourself to be governed by no customs or conventionalities or arbitrary man-made rules that are not founded on principles.

3. Don’t surrender your individuality which is your greatest agent of power, to the customs and conventionalities that have gotten their life from the great mass of those who haven’t enough force to preserve their own individualities.

4. Learn how to live and you will have learned how to follow religion.

5. By surrendering your individuality, you simply aid in increasing the undesirable conditions, in payment for this you will become a slave, and the chances are that in time you will be unable to hold even the respect of those whom you in this way try to please.

6. As long as you live merely in the physical and the intellectual you set limitations to yourself that will hold you as long as you live. When, however you come into the realization of your oneness with the infinite life and power, and open yourself that it may work through you; you will find that you have entered upon an entirely new phase of life and that an ever increasing power will be yours.

7. When we appeal to the supreme and our life is governed by a principle, we are not governed either by fear of public opinion or loss of other’s approbation.

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