To a girl and her parents the word ‘rape’ itself runs a cold and searing shiver through their spines. The crime of ‘rape’, no doubt, is one of the cruelest and macabre acts against women but its severity becomes ‘less brutal and inhuman’ when we take into account the downgraded, the scandalous, and the odious perception that our society often develops for the unfortunate and miserable victims of such crime. Our society often reflects its own low, downgraded, and perverted intellectual perception when it ignores ‘the painful truth’ of such crime against women and gets indulged in pleasurable, cheap, and self-serving lies.

There are some wild and uncivilized people in society who instead of providing any proper and humane support to rape victims are usually seen hurling abuses and curses to them.  During rape cases, society gets shamelessly and coldheartedly indifferent towards the victims of rape. It generally behaves in a much irresponsible, frivolous, and immature manner which clearly reveals its own character, intellectual, religious, and moral weaknesses. And such a kind of rough and callous behavior will never be subscribed by a truly educated,  sensible, awakened, and compassionate person.

By rape we humans mean when a girl or a woman gets sexually molested or gets violently or forcefully outraged of her physical modesty. ‘Sex with a person without their permission or forcing them to have sex against their will’ is the definition that law usually gives about rape.  Rape indicates to us social humans ‘a worst kind of violence or physical abuse’ directed against girls and women. For us a raped girl becomes like a non-performing asset who no more commands basic human self-respect, self-importance, and social acknowledgement from us, who no more seems worthwhile, meaningful, and significant to us,  who no more possess the shine and the preciousness of a diamond, and who no more appears a normal human to us.   Sadly and shamelessly, society measures the worth of a girl through ‘a little part’ of her body and not through the great qualities, capabilities, and sterling character that they also possess in that body.

A girl when faces such a kind of detestable and contemptible crime against her is usually considered ‘corrupted, cursed and infected’ by us – the so-called intellectual, religious, and awakened people of today. When we hear through the grapevine or through the medium of TVs and newspapers that such and such girl of society has faced this worst kind of sexual abuse, most of us start thinking that certainly the girl in news might be a slut or at fault herself. Most of us start deriding and criticizing the victims in the worst and terrible manner as we can.  We often start applying our own crap logic that what she was doing with him at that place, it was up to her completely to decide whether she wanted to be raped or not. And not only this when the outrageous crime of rape have taken place, we get shamelessly uncompassionate, inconsiderate, and stony-hearted as if nothing has happened. For us the news of rape today has become a normal thing like the death of a dog on some road.

The crime of rape leaves indelible and unerasable impressions of vivid but painful memories   on the minds of its victims. It never leaves the minds of its victims so easily. It usually breaks away the remaining self-esteem, self-confidence, will power, and self-image of its victims. It keeps the victims ever-remindful of the violence, cruelty, and the force attached to that crime. It is that kind of dreadful feeling that sticks to the victims for ever. If rape victims never make any possible effort (by using their own will power and inner strength) to do away with such horrible memories then it would become impossible for them to get easily recovered from such serious life trauma.

The crime of rape is not that much horrendous and grotesque as ‘victim’s own inability to forget what she faced’. The crime of rape is not that much destructive, hurtful, and malevolent as people’s third grade attitude towards its victims. Through the crime of rape rapist harms, wounds, and damages the physical sanctity and worth of its victims only once, but it’s the society that seriously murders the self-esteem, self-image, character, and self-confidence of their victims and not once but throughout their life. Moreover, society not only kills self-respect and self-confidence of the victims but it also prolongs the ‘pain’ and the ‘sufferings’ ensued from the crime of rape to an exorbitant extent. And this I think is more disgraceful and atrocious crime than the sexual (physical) abuse that the victims of rape have to go through.

For us rapist raping a girl is like murderer murdering someone i.e when a girl is raped we think that she has ‘lost the right to live any more on earth’, that she is no more physically, socially, and morally acceptable to us. For us she is no more worthwhile, significant or valuable to become a normal functioning social being.  She is just like a corpse who needs to be disposed away as soon as possible.  Otherwise it would pollute the social environment with its stink.

Instead of showing genuine compassion, sincere respect, and lending its helpful and supportive hands towards rape victims, our society (full of ‘intellectual rascals and religious rogues’) usually indulges in taking sadistic pleasure from such crime against humanity. Instead of doing anything substantial and courageous to help police to arrest the culprits and instead of providing any moral, social, financial, and emotional support to the victims of rape, it takes a complete U-turn and go against the victims themselves. It then starts creating its own useless and cheap stories to impugn the character of the victims (out of some revenge or societal default thinking set up).

Our society (excluding few respectable and courageous ones) is not going to do anything serious to provide solace, comfort, and succor to the rape victims, it is not going to walk hand in hand with the rape victims and their families, and it is not going to open their mouths against the offenders and their families or give witness against them in courts. The only person who can take stand and demand justice against this scandalous crime is none other than ‘the victims’ themselves. The victims need to put unflinching faith in their own inner power and their inner capacity to fight the wrong. The victims need to have firm faith in their own will power, moral courage, and the guts to fight the offenders. And the victims need to be their own comfort and solace providers as none other them could understand them so clearly and sincerely as they themselves.

It was only and the only case of ‘Nirbhaya’ in 2012 that immensely stirred the hardened and the encrusted souls of the people of India and that raised their hibernating social consciousness in such a dramatic manner that the whole of India got united against taking serious and strict action against the culprits. And, no doubt, the offenders were taken into custody, slapped with grave charges, proved guilty, and served with rigorous punishment. But what about those daily rape cases that never get our attention and go shamelessly on with their usually frequency and severity. Are we concerned just only with few selected cases of rape only – where media cover the protests or where the victim has some influential power or where the victim is some celebrity or  where the victim is our own kith and kin?

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