Some of you might have started making false assumptions that I am against going to temples, gurudwaras, mausoleums, and churches but that is not absolutely the case. I am truly and honestly not against going to temples but I am absolutely against the dominant ritualistic and blind tendency of people around me who have made going to temple as some ‘ritualistic pattern’ in their lives that hasn’t given them anything worthwhile or purposeful (may be someone might have gotten something worthwhile!!!) in the past and is also not going to give them anything purposeful in future as well. Our religious centers have been transformed into ‘exploitation chambers of priests and politicians’ of today’s modern society.

Remembering and respecting God is not an undemocratic, crime, or a bad thing at all and it is our fundamental and democratic right to practice our religious faith and affiliation but when the same affiliation and faith becomes killing tools, detrimental, self-destructive, and counter-productive and start exploiting the masses in the name of worship, liberation, and enlightenment then it is the best time to think seriously about our religious thoughts and religious deeds.  Then it is the best time to question our fixed notions, beliefs, and values. From my own personal experience I feel (I am not imposing this feeling on you) that instead of going to temples and gurudwaras, we should lend our humanitarian support (in whatever way we can) to lessen the miseries and pains of people in our proximity or wherever we can. Let us know some of the benefits of lending our humanitarian contribution to the suffering humanity:

Significant and lasting Contribution:

By serving the suffering humanity you are lending something significant and worthwhile to your society. It gives you a wonderful opportunity to serve the society in dire need. By serving the suffering humanity you are making a two-way contribution to your country. Firstly, you are shining your moral and social character by instilling great values and ethics by doing something great in society. Secondly, you are making your social environment neat , clean, and free from the pains, agonies, and miseries of society that have been plaguing the happiness, success, and the growth of your country.

Lessons of humility:

Seeing the people around you in extreme wretchedness, pains, and miseries, a kind of inner revolution takes place inside you. That revolution is like some transformation that keeps you turning humble and more humble day by day. The gloominess and despair in others’ lives jolt your spirits to the point that you start seeing your own mortality.  The great and selfless act of serving the people in pains and needs around you instills a shining and splendorous quality of humility in you. The comforts and pleasures of life have inbuilt disadvantage and many pitfalls in them. They make us egoist, arrogant, and conceited in life. A man living in the lap of luxury and comforts often thinks wrongly that it is his own human efforts or hard work (and nothing else) by the agency of which   he has been getting or enjoying in life. He shamelessly fails to forget that whatever he has been getting or enjoying in life is not due to his petty human efforts but rather it is due to the great blessings of God (nice parents, favorable life circumstances, etc) that he has found himself so lucky to have all the desirable happiness of life.

Good name in society:

Any act of social service enhances your own social image in the area where you live or where you serve. Social service in today’s world of utter selfishness and cut-throat competition is not a petty or dispensable thing. In today’s time when nobody is ready to take out their precious time, energy, and money for the sake of society; by committing your whole life and a little of your earned wealth to alleviate the pains and sufferings of people, you erect a mansion of lustrous and magnificent image of your character and personality in the minds and hearts of people around you.

Pain Healer:

Pains, sufferings, miseries, suicide, accidents, failures, defeats, killings, tension, despair, agonies, and wretchedness have become famous bywords in today’s world of increasing and spreading consumerism. Everybody hates to see themselves unhappy, needy and in pain. But, as they say, even the king is not free from the pains and miseries of life. Each and everyone of us, whether weak or mighty, finds ourselves in one or the other forms of pains and sufferings. It is when we start serving and helping the people in extreme wretchedness and miseries around us, our physical and emotional pain seem to appear nothing in comparison to them. Helping and alleviating the pain of the suffering humanity lessens our own pain in life. Social service is a kind of wonderful and great pain healer – not only to the suffering world around us but also to our own pains and miseries.

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