1. A goal is nothing more than a dream with a deadline.

2. Don’t limit yourself by your present circumstances. Challenge them with whatever might you can. Shatter them completely.

3. Are you not able to define what should be the purpose of your life? Ok! Then answer what would you go after if you were guaranteed that you could not fail at all? So, have you found out what you are really after in life!

4. What would you attempt, what would you try to accomplish if you were told that it was impossible for you to fail?

5. With each day are you reaching your set goal or getting far away from your goals?

6. Success and fame takes a great deal of time and commitment. Big things in life need a lot of time to get realized successfully.

7. Dream big and dream big thoughts. Nurture great thoughts for you will never go higher than your own thoughts that occupy your mind.

8. People lack continuous and constant motivation. They get bored and annoyed with life quickly. They have got to keep themselves charged up with the excitement and thrill of each day. They need to find out what makes them go, what makes them energized and what makes them be intensely passionate about life.

9. It takes only a minute to change your life. Turning point in one’s life usually comes in that minute-time when something exceptional or emotional has caught people’s attention in life.

10. Don’t change decision but direction to reach your goal. Your decision may be right but what you need to alter is just your direction or the way in which you are moving towards your goal or dreams in life.

11. Just begin and the mind goes heated. Then believe and proceed, and the task will be completed.

12. Live the life that you often talked about. Preach what you practice or practice what you often preach to others.

13. Life is queer with its twists and turns. Nothing can be ascertained perfectly and accurately about life. Life is unpredictable and anything can transpire at a given time. So don’t get sad or happy so soon.

14. Don’t quit and don’t give up. When you give up life takes you far away from your dreams that you were following from such a long time. Give some time to your dreams to get actualized. Seeds don’t sprout the moment you plant them in soil.

15. It is when things seem worst that you must not quit. It is in the pressure of life that the beauty and the grace of life would become visible to us. Or pressure time means that we are near to our goals.

16. Success is failures turned inside out.

17. One is not finished when he is defeated but when he says ‘I quit’.

18. Determination is an attitude whereas Persistence is an action not to give up so soon.

19. Stream is able to cut rock due to its quality of consistent persistence and perseverance.

20. Develop a no-quit attitude.

21. Think about the winter while yet in the summer.

22. Never ever give up.

23. The main problem with human mind is that it often concentrates more on the problem than on the solution, if any. Always focus on the solution and you will definitely find it out.

24. Either listen to the people around you or to the voice of your conscience that always think about you.

25. Shatter whatever self-limiting beliefs you are holding about yourself in your mind. Don’t say that you are poor, don’t say that you have got no education, don’t say that you don’t have any type of support, don’t say that God never listens to you, don’t say that you are unlucky and don’t even say that you have not got cooperating parents but rather say that ‘Thanks God for lending me such beautiful life and I will never let you down through it rather I will make sure that I go beyond the level of expectation that you might have set about me while creating me”.

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