What? What did you say? Your friends don’t return your calls? Ignore your calls? Don’t call you so often? Don’t worry here are some of the strong reasons that you may want to know anxiously:

Ego Problem:

Some people have great ego problems. Whatever they think and do will be based entirely on their flaring ego i.e in what way they could feel above or superior to others. In today’s world of power and money, many people don’t like to make phone calls because they think that they are more powerful, special, superior, and privileged than others (acquaintances, friends and relatives). They actually suffer from ‘superiority complex’ – megalomania or an illusion of being big, special, and powerful in society. So it is their ego that prevents them from phoning their friends as they believe that rather their friends should call them. They always nourish their plant of ego by having such a cheap and mean thinking about others, especially their friends.

Fear Of Getting Too Familiar:

Some people mistakenly think that if they regularly (of course with proper gap of time) call others (anyone known to them), they will get too close to others or people would become closely familiar to them and this in return would diminish or kill their respect in their eyes. So, in order to preserve their so-called respect and prestige, people don’t prefer to make regular phone calls to their friends and other known ones. This fear is generally based on a popular Chinese saying – ‘After three days fish starts stinking’.

The Normal Excuse Of Busyness:

Some people even put ever-popular and ever-flourishing excuse of being busy for not making required phone calls to their friends. Such people always cry that they don’t get time to remember or make calls to their friends. No doubt, we all know that man was never as busy as it is now – thanks to work pressure and work load.  But this shouldn’t mean that one never gets even a minute spare (from one’s tight and busy schedule) for one’s close friends. After all, socialization is also an essential requirement in one’s social life as without it man can’t live respectfully and happily.

Shyness Problem or Social Misfits:

There are some people who out of their shyness, some mental weirdness, or owing to their lack of social or interpersonal skills feel anxious to make phone calls to their friends. Whenever they make plan to call their friends over phones, a kind of psychological constraint gets build up in their minds and they feel somewhat nervous or anxious before making a call. This thing happens only to very few people who haven’t got adequate and well-refined interpersonal skills or who have lived most of their lives in social isolation.

Fear Of Becoming Some Kind Of Help:

People today have grown so much cunning and wicked in their attitude and approach that they have abandoned all their good and virtuous qualities – qualities that make an ordinary human extraordinary or distinct from others. Like Love, human’s cunningness too has no limit. People today think that they should cautiously limit the frequency of their phones calls to their friends. Reason?

The only reason that one can find here is their evilness of selfishness. As they clearly know that regular phone calls would develop a bond of unity and trust with them. It would thus bring their friends close to them and so in future when such friends need their help they would have to come to their rescue. And so in order to do away with such future help (to their friends) people feel weak to make regular phones calls to their friends.

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