Hello friends, today I would like to present what Osho (Acharaya Rajneesh) had felt about the disreputable role and function of the wicked priests worldwide. According to Osho the priests have been fooling and deceiving the innocent and gullible masses since time immemorial. The priests have made the whole world mentally and physically sick with their baseless and unproven theories and philosophies. Instead of making man healthy, whole, and truly happy, they have made man sick, fragmented, and unhappy. Following are the incisive observations that Osho himself had made about the disreputable role of the priests (worldwide and especially in India) while attracting the common people in the name of religion and God.

  1. Schizophrenia:

Osho says that the priests through their irrational, absurd, and misguided religious teachings have made man schizophrenic. Man has become a chronic patient of psychological disease; he has lost control over his faculty of thinking, a kind of persistent and massive fear seems to be dominating his mind. Fear-laden, groundless, and baseless teachings of the priests have seriously penetrated the fortress of common’s man mind. His mind is no more that healthy, wholesome, and effective that it used to be before going to the priests. Rather his mind is overflowing with all the psychological trash and mental confusion that no one can imagine. Today’s man has become just a pet toy in the corrupt hands of the wicked priests. Human soul that used to be endowed with superman qualities by God is rendered pathetically coward and impotent by the priests worldwide. The priests have become the pirates of enlightened human soul.

  1. Split Personality:

Osho lays emphasis on the fact that the cunning and untrustworthy priests have seriously influenced the normal and healthy functioning of human mind. Thanks to the irrational and unproven sermons of the priests that the common man of today is living with a split personality. Split personality is a serious psychological disorder when man’s personality gets divided into different fragments of mind and he is then controlled by those separate fragments of his mind. The priests have injected so many baseless theories and philosophies in common man’s mind that his one unified whole personality is shattered into different parts of mind.

One mind thinks something and other mind thinks something. One mind believes something and the other mind rejects that thing. One mind is willing to believe in God but the other mind is not willing to believe in the existence of God. The priests have divided man against himself. Man has become his own enemy. Such has become the critical and pitiful mental condition of man that even his own mind had become his own strong enemy and it is all due to the misguided and un-intellectual sermons of the priests.

  1. Fear of ‘Hell’ and the charm of ‘Heaven’:

Osho opines that the concept of ‘Hell’ is a cunning and imaginary creation of the priests. He says that the priests know very well that they can’t directly control the minds of the young people (full of reason and logic) so they have invented the concept of ‘Hell’ for the old people (whose minds are almost ineffective). And the same old people would then follow the priests to get relief from ‘Hell’ and they would further tell the young people to believe in the concept of ‘Hell’. Otherwise they would suffer a lot after their death.

Osho straightly rejects the concept of ‘Hell’ and says that there is no ‘Hell’ in the entire universe. Man’s life is already hellish that there remains no meaning of creating ‘Hell’ by God. Man’s life is already full of excruciating miseries, difficulties, sorrows, anguish, and hardships that all such things make itself an earthly Hell. Osho further says that ‘Hell’ is just the creation of the cunning and wicked mind of the priests who intend to frighten common men especially old people so that nurturing the fear these innocent people could come to them and seek their service to get relief from ‘Hell’.

Like ‘Hell’ there is no ‘Heaven’. Osho says that ‘Heaven’ is just the extension of human greed. We all know very well that man does nothing without getting something in return. Profit or some gain always dominates our mind when we do something. And here comes the slyness of the priests who have invented the concept of ‘Heaven’ just as a sort of some ‘motivation’ – to attract the common people towards the path of religion so that they could feel motivated while following their religion. ‘Heaven’ is just the extension of our greed and nothing else.

  1. Sermonize on the renunciation of earthly things i.e body, matter, etc:

Osho puts here a great and amazing logic that the priests who lectures that this human body has to be discarded to get something big like God are going against the laws of human body or the laws of human nature or the laws of the Mother Nature. Having born as humans and being endowed with this body our first duty becomes that we should obey the natural instincts or needs of our body. If we do not respond timely and appropriately to the natural and genuine needs of our human body then the same body would become our enemy and moreover, how could we go beyond our human body to reach that supreme power like God.

Besides this, Osho also says that the priests by saying that we should discard our human bodies they are making us unnatural, they are turning us against our basic human nature. Can we humans renounce our basic human nature? Can we go against the natural desires of our human body? We all know very well what would happen if we try to restrict our natural bodily needs and urges.  He further says that if God had really been against human body then He would definitely have not given this body to us humans. He says that instead of discarding our human body, the priests should have lectured that we should discard our human wickedness; the priests should have told us that we should first understand our body and then go beyond it.  The priests should have told us that it is only through the medium of our human body that we could come close to God like infinite power.

  1. Our misery is their happiness:

Through this great observation Osho means to say that the more sufferings and misery we common people have, the more business and profit these cunning priests of India would get. Our unhappiness is their happiness. Our misery is their joys. Our hardships are their business. The more we feel the pain of our untold daily sufferings, the more we all would go to temples and more the priests will see our gathering rising in their pandaals (camps). The priests sell nothing but just an ‘illusory tranquilizer’ for our sufferings and pains. They have no real and potent resolution for our difficulties and what they have is just ‘fiction and fantasy’ and nothing else. They have become ‘fictions and fantasy sellers’ and nothing else. They are the great charlatans and the quacks who have nothing genuine and substantial in their minds to offer us and what they have is only trash, trash, and trash.

  1. Temples are our prisoners/slaughter houses:

Here comes the bold and courageous stand of Osho. Here he says that the priests through their phoney, inauthentic, and baseless discourses have transformed temples into prisoners and slaughter houses where the intelligence, trust, and the courage of common people are tortured and hanged daily. He says that the priests have become the jailers of the prisons like temples where they torture and manhandle common people in the cruelest manner as they can. Temples today have become their fiefdoms or addas where they fleece us of our hard earned money, where they betray our conscience and intelligence, and where they rape our trust and faith.

  1. Enemies of ‘doubt’ and ‘enquiry’:

Doubt and enquiry form the basic elements of rational human mind and it shows that our mind is functioning in a healthy and right manner. Thinking is the natural quality of human mind and that is the reason that we are seeing so much growth and development around us.  The mind that lacks ‘enquiry’ and ‘questioning’ is not a thinking mind but an oppressed, dominated, and suppressed mind. Asking questions so that one could verify the authenticity of any concept and theory is the basic fundamental right of today’s enlightened and awakened citizens. No one can suppress that fundamental right of ours and especially when we are parts of a large democratic set up. But the sad and unfortunate fact is that the priests today have become the strong enemies of thinking and analyzing mind. Whenever someone musters some courage to enquire deep into the falseness and shallowness of religious activities, the same priests then brand that someone as heretic or renegade and make every possible effort to slander the social image of that thinking person.

  1. Creators of Pretenders/Hypocrites:

The priests according to Osho have made us great pretenders. We humans by following religion out of some fear or social pressure become pretenders because we know that there are some things that we can’t do being religious. The priests prohibit us doing certain things that are not allowed at all like telling lie, harming someone physically, defrauding someone, killing someone’s trust,  murdering someone, showing  anger, stealing things, defrauding someone, having sensual pleasures, and the list goes on. But still people go on indulging in such religiously prohibited things and they do them under the garb of religion.

Just by wearing ocher or saffron color clothes we think that we have become religious but this is just our big illusion. Instead we have become great pretenders and hypocrites. Our saffron color clothes are only a guise behind them we are doing everything that is against God and humanity.     



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