Power over others is political, and the people who are interested in power over others are the people who feel deep inferiority complex. They are continually comparing themselves with others, and feeling themselves inferior. They want to prove to the world and to themselves that it is not so- they are superior beings. All politicians suffer from an inferiority complex. All politicians need to be treated psychologically. These are sick people and because of these sick people the whole world has been in immense suffering.

And there is no end for the seeker of power over others, because there are always people left out of his sphere of influence. That makes him still feel his inferiority. Otherwise, what is the need for anybody to become Alexander the Great- just sheer stupidity? The man died when he was only thirty-three. He could not live for a single moment, and he could not love for a single moment. All through the beginning of his life of thirty-three years he was preparing to become a world conqueror, and the remaining part was fighting, killing and burning. The only idea in his mind was to become the world conqueror!

Political power is ugly. Power over others is ugly. It is inhuman because to have power over others means to reduce that person to a thing. They become your possessions. Power over others reduces their individuality, reduces their spirituality, until they become just commodities. For centuries men and women have been sold in the markets like some commodity. Once you have purchased a slave, you have all power over the slave. This may fulfill some insane and sick psychology, but it is not healthy. No politician is healthy i.e spiritually.
What politicians are doing all over the world, all through history, is simply inhuman, ugly. But the reason, the basic reason is that they have a deep feeling of inferiority, and they want to prove to themselves that it is not so. Power over others is destructive, always destructive. Political leaders are so unconscious that they can do anything to keep their power, their respectability- even if it means blowing up the whole world to many pieces. They can risk anything to save their ego. And these are the people who naturally reach to the positions of power, because they are only the seekers of power.

The urge to have power over others arises because such power-hungry people don’t know themselves, and moreover, they don’t want to know that they don’t know themselves. They are so afraid of becoming aware of their own ignorance set deep in the very centre of their being. They try to escape from their deeply imbedded spiritual darkness through- lust for money, lust for power, lust for respectability and lust for honor. And a man who has darkness within himself can do anything destructive.

(As expressed by OSHO)

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