The corrupt, dissolute, and immoral politicians of today have nothing to give you other than creating lifelong fear in your psyche. They don’t want to see you questioning their authority, they don’t want to see you questioning their blunders and misdeeds. They hate serious thinkers among you. They hated Bhagat Singh, Subhash Chandra Bose, Osho, Rajiv Dixit, Jarnail Singh Bhindranwala, Jagendra Singh, Sandeep Kothari, Narendra Dabholkar, Govind Pansare, and Gauri Lankesh. There are more great heroes like them who we still don’t know and who are working day and night for national and self-awakening  Politicians don’t want critics, they just want ‘adulators’ and ‘bootlickers’ who lick their derrieres and that is the reason that India like country is still lagging behind other developed countries of the world. This was also the reason that India faced many external aggressions.

You should know that politicians want to make you look frightened and harassed individuals. They wish to see you become scared and panicked by using their deadly arms of judiciary, police and army. They rather feel afraid to see you speaking courageously and valiantly against their defective schemes and policies, against their downgraded style of working, and against their character and professional weaknesses.  They have implanted their puppets or representatives in the form of school teachers and religious instructors. These people have only one task on their minds – to create fear in your mind i.e not letting you think independently and courageously. They want to suppress your inborn latencies, your inherent quest for curiosity, and your desire to question logically and rationally the things around you. They are the enemies of your mind’s full and healthy growth. They are afraid of your powers of audacity, creativity, intelligence, and elocution as they know that such qualities are dangerous for their own profession of speaking and selling lies to the world. This was the reason that they harassed and killed many great thinkers, social activists, and journalists.

It is really a matter of urgent consideration that our politicians never solve any communal, regional, and linguistic problems, rather they get more adamant and determined in flaring up such critical issues to explosive manner so that they could get maximum votes during election time. It is a well-known fact that they themselves are the mischief mongers or trouble makers in our society. It is an open secret that religion, caste, language, region, water, and land are their regular but volatile issues that they often exploit to the maximum limit while trying to encash vote bank. They are self-centric and megalomaniac people. They don’t fight elections to fulfill your needs and settle your grievances. Instead they are after power and publicity. They are power-hungry lunatics. They just want to see their own laps filled with power and money. They want power so that they could feel superior to you, to the rest of the world. They want power so that they could take pleasure in controlling your finance, jobs, domestic and social life.  They feel inferior to you, they are suffering from some psychological disease and that is the reason that they want to feel powerful by becoming some minister sort of person. It will be truly appropriate to say that they are the most corrupted, the most pervert, and the most abhorred people on earth as they don’t have any shining quality of compassion, honesty, and integrity in their character. They are butchers and uncivilized people.

See all around you and you will be shocked to know that these are the same politicians who create violence, troubles, and tension wherever they rule. Peace, social harmony, prosperity, intellectual awakening, and individual self-empowerment are not their goals at all. Their goals are only oppression, subjugation, suppression, atrocities, wars, communal clashes, regional and religious tension, etc. For them resolution to all the problems of citizens mean that they are not required any more, so they never get serious to nip the evil in the bud. They are trouble makers and not trouble shooters. Allow me to say that they form the major part of our troubled lives and not the major part of our settled and joyful lives. For them issues, controversies, conflicts, troubles, and tension are their surviving diet. Without them they would not survive at all. They are the ones who are not in favor of making India ‘united and awakened’ at all. They know very well that united and awakened India will then stand united and strongly against them, against their misdeeds, and also against their own greed and belligerence. Recently, brave and outspoken journalist Gauri Lankesh became the target of such criminal-mind politicians.

So in order to suppress the ‘insurrectionary and revolutionary voices’ like that of Bhagat Singh and Che Guevera, they use power tactics.  They have kept their ‘informers’, ‘undercover agents’, and ‘spies’ amidst us. You might not be knowing that your close friend may also be one of their ally.  It happened in the past and it is still happening today. I have seen friends turning enemies just for the lure of money. People can do anything – anything means anything. It is really surprising and shocking to know that they have installed their agents in government offices, in banks, in religious centers, in schools, in police stations, in army, in universities, everywhere. Even the heads of your religious body or organization may be their puppets.

Politicians have been selling the natural resources of your countries to other powerful countries from many years and that too without your knowledge. They are selling your mountains, lands, and even waters to them. Some are even selling defence and technology related secret documents to them and this is happening. They know that they will not long remain in power so that fear enforces them to earn as much as they can.  If priests were called ‘mafia of human souls’ by Osho, I will call politicians ‘mafia of democracy’. Yes, they are and it has already been proved by their wicked, ineffective, useless, and barbaric working strategy. If priests are the pirates of our souls or our inner world, these politicians are the pirates of our minds or our outer world.  Like the priests who have gravely tortured our souls, these flagrantly wicked politicians have threatened and made insecure our outside world.

They are ‘white-clad hooligans of democracy. For them democracy is just a garb to loot and exploit the masses for their self-serving and petty interests. Democracy is their shield behind which they are permitted to do anything outlandish and no one will be able to do anything against them. In today’s world democracy has become their concubine whom they rape and torture each and every day, law has become their servant, and we people have become their slaves.  These politicians are not secular at all. They are truly non-secular. They are not scientific, rational, intellectual, and compassionate at all. They are just diplomatic in their approach. They do what is appropriate for the particular moment and not what is appropriate in the eyes of righteousness and justice. Instead of being the trustworthy guardians of Indian Constitution, they have become the depraved and immoral exploiters of Indian Constitution. They have severely harmed the spirit of the esteemed Constitution of India.

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