1. Never trust your close acquaintances, even your own close relatives. When life goes through worst circumstantial changes anyone can become your strong enemy. Nothing remains stable and constant in life. Always practice caution and alertness while going through the choppy and muddy waters of life. Always keep this possibility in your mind that who is your friend today can become your enemy tomorrow and who is your enemy today can become your friend tomorrow. I don’t say that we should not trust people but I am saying that trust should be done only with caution and great care.

  2. While far away from your house regarding some work or extreme situation, never leave your children, especially girl child, in the custody of your neighbors or any distant relatives near you. Nobody is trustworthy nowadays. Any untoward thing or mishappening can take place with your children in your absence.

  3. Avoid any kind of domestic fight in front of children. Such little daily squabbles and bickering have a strong potential in them to change the contours of the thinking patterns of little ones at home. Sometimes such harsh moments can mar the softness of our children’s minds. Regular and undiminishing domestic quarrels can alter the psychology of our children.   And it is these insignificant domestic skirmishes between husbands and wives that significantly suppress the talent, the creativity, and the intelligence of our growing up innocent children.

  4. Never try to get oversmart with people in your social circles. Trying to become superior or underestimating the qualities and abilities of people around you may make you look embarrassed and shamefaced when fortune shines on them or favors them in future. Nobody is inferior or superior in life. It is just the matter of time when those who are below us in every stretch of imagination can go above us in the coming years. So always try to give respect and love to everyone whom you meet in your social circles.

  5. Never try to show any sign of weakness and fearfulness to those with whom you are negotiating some business and social deals – whatever they may be. People today have become so smart and cunning that they could easily read our face or psychology as soon as we come into contact with them. And you know very well in whose favor the negotiation is going to be clinched or what is going to happen when people easily come to know that we are already full of fears and are scared of them.

  6. If you have any deeply-held secrets in your hearts regarding the people around you, never try to leak their secrets with other people in society. Keeping secrets of your acquaintances or known ones is a great and lustrous quality that add significance and worth to your overall social character.  Moreover, leaking closely held secrets of people to other people in society may lose your trustworthiness and loyalty among your friends and known ones and may also have the strong possibility of landing you in some deep trouble later on.

  7. Let your children see and experience how various government institutions work in real life. Make it your daily habit of taking your grown-ups whenever you get time to visit any government office. It is a known fact that one or the other coming day we have to visit one or the other government office for our financial or government needs, so never try to miss those wonderful opportunities of taking your grown-ups there and let them learn great life lessons. And these are the same little but great life lessons that would make their coming life smooth and error-free.

  8. Always try to keep yourself busy. Not only busy but you should also know that what you should be busy for – busy for something destructive or productive, busy for something harmful or beneficial, busy for deflecting people’s respect and trust or attracting people’s disrespect and distrust? Busyness is good only when it keeps our minds productively and creatively busy in the manner that we are not getting rough, disrespectful or heavy with people around us. Sometimes we see that on complaining to our friends that they don’t return our phone calls or drop by our homes they then start making excuses of not getting even a bit of time from their busy schedule. But this is not the reality. Agreed, sometimes situations can be really tight or complicated but not always. Along with attending our offices we should also try to attend our social and domestic obligations in life.  After all, man is not a lonely and isolated island.  We all need one another.

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