“Please do something to get my husband back who has gone missing in Pakistan”, were the words laced with pity and pain uttered by hapless and destiny-struck wife of Ujagar Singh. Her husband, who had gone to Nankana Sahib (a famous gurudwara, a Sikh temple in Pakistan) as a part of annual pilgrimage taken by the Sikhs all over the world, was found surprisingly missing among other pilgrims who returned back to India after their holy journey from Nankana Sahib.

The grief-soaked words as quoted verbatim above made me stunned and astonished when I happened to eavesdrop on her hearty request made to Mohinder Singh, who is famous all over his locality (Gadi Garh, Jammu, Jammu and Kashmir)for his selfless mission of solving the grievances of any nature and of any magnitude. And the only potent weapon through which he fights zealously to dispense justice to the oppressed and the neglected ones of the society is his God-gifted and never-failing ‘Writing Power’. His grip over English language is regionally famous and when he writes, he doesn’t write for money but only for the lessening of the pain and the grief of common people.

Hearing and knowing that her husband was missing, the wife of Ujagar Singh became shocked and found herself in despair as if her whole world had come suddenly crashing down in front of her eyes. Tears of pain and unfathomed grief started rolling down from her eyes, the eyes, which few days back had been waiting anxiously and eagerly at the railway station to meet her husband but who knew that destiny had something else for her. She couldn’t believe that destiny could deal such a merciless and cruel blow to her life. She became hysterical and was in no mood at all to accept the fact that her husband was missing.

The grave and indigestible reality that her husband was missing made her life pitiable and miserably wretched. She knocked the doors of every police stations, every minister’s bungalow, and even went alone to Amritsar to the higher authorities to do something possible in helping her to locate her missing husband. But all her efforts ended in vain, thanks to the ever-prevailing deaf-and-dumb approach of our government machinery. On moving from pillar to post and making every seemingly possible effort and seeing that nobody has heart and will to rescue her in her critical hours of need, she finally left the whole matter at the feet of God (our last and final option) with strong faith in His grand court of justice.

The days were moving with their usual rhythm when somebody in her family told her about one Mohinder Singh of Gadi Garh, who lives with a mission and would definitely help her in getting her missing husband back from the soil of Pakistan. She didn’t waste even a single day and in non time found herself sitting in front of Mohinder Singh. He was in his 60’s. A retired army Subedar with a face radiating pride and confidence of a soldier. Eyes exhibiting immense courage and determination as if one is ever-ready for any forthcoming battle. The relative with whom she came introduced her to Mohinder Singh, the man who had already solved successfully various issues of his locality through his wonderful writing power, gave patient hearing to the sad and gloomy account of that destiny-struck woman. The woman told him entire story- Who? What? Where? How?

And when she got done with her whole story, Mohinder Singh assured her with granite like commitment that by the end of that running month her husband would be back and would be sitting joyfully among his family. The lady got overwhelmed with his honest and sincere assurance. Her eyes welled up with the tears of thankfulness and happiness. After getting deep assurance from him, she went home and started looking forward with her impatient and wailing heart for the day when she would finally see her husband back from Pakistan.

Mohinder Singh, who is famous in his area for helping the needy and the suffering ones with his consummate writing skill, got immediately engaged with his mission and started preparing a solid and strong case for the missing Ujagar Singh. He started sending application on application to the higher government authorities, state as well as central. Not even this, he also wrote to the UN Agencies and implored them to intervene in this grave matter and let the justice be done to that forlorn and woebegone woman. As already said, there is some magic or Godly touch in Mohinder Singh’s writing, so it again happened that his pen started showing its significant impact. His applications started creating immense and unavoidable pressure on Pakistan government, which then played a major role in locating missing Ujagar Singh and simultaneously also his handing over to India as well.

Ujagar Singh, the missing pilgrim and also the missing husband finally came home within the time limit as committed by Mohinder Singh. Seeing her husband back hale and hearty and that too after such a long time, rendered the woman emotionally tearful and her happiness knew no bounds.

She was standing and waiting eagerly with her neighbours and relatives when her husband came home. Police and media were also following him. Among the crowd full of nearby people and outsiders, was also standing Mohinder Singh. Being lean and weak due to his illness, and also standing among a large number of people, his presence there could not be easily made out but it was Ujagar Singh, who recognized him instantly and without losing any time, fell to his feet. Fell to the feet of the man who saved his life and made his return magically possible. Fell to the feet of the man who know how to make impossible possible. Fell to the feet of the man whose heart beats mostly for others- for the society.

Ujagar Singh rose up and expressed his sincere thankfulness to him and nobody knew what happened and he (Ujagar Singh) started crying like a child. “The land of Pakistan, from where only the dead bodies of people could come, it is you and you only who made my escape possible”, were the shocking words which Ujagar Singh told to Mohinder Singh while crying amidst the crowd. The entire crowd got bewildererd and puzzled on seeing such an emotional scene and when the whole locality came to know about the truth behind, they also appreciated the selfless social service done by Mohinder Singh.

The people like Mohinder Singh are exceptionally rare in this world whose hearts beat only for others. They can’t keep their eyes close and ears shut when humanity is being made to suffer in his area or somewhere else as well. We all must take inspiration from him.

(Mohinder Singh is my lovely father and I’am really proud of him)

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