Hello friends, today I am spiritually pleased to share with you one personal life event that may poke your soul to question your inner self whether the life you have been living till now is full of truth, honesty, transparency, courage, and unalloyed personal integrity. It would also stir your conscience to the extent that your own life would appear to you unbearably burdensome as if you have been doing injustice with your true potential and latent capacities, as if you have been serving naked lies to your inner self, and also as if you have compromised your real and genuine self for showy and false values, shallow praises of the world around you.

I had gone to the Golden Temple, Amritsar. I was just admiring the newly constructed tourist plaza around the periphery of the Golden Temple, when suddenly my eyes fell on one of the tourists who had also been walking along me.  At first instance he appeared to me some regular foreign tourist but when I started paying serious attention to his face I recognized him to be one of the most renowned and world-famous motivational writer whose books I have read a lot and who have always motivated me during my lean times. At first, I thought it was just my illusion or some mind trick or the person I had just seen might be looking like the face of the writer I was thinking about. But when I mustered enough courage to ask the person about himself my excitement and wonder overpowered me. I was stuck in my shoes. I was awe-struck thinking that it was a dream come true.

I was to say him hello again but my words seemed to have stuck in my throat. Everything around me – tourists, birds, and vehicles – became frozen for the time being. The writer then himself poked me and enquired whether I was ok. And you will not believe that the writer was ‘……….’.  Sorry friends, I could not tell you his name as he had requested me if I ever shared this episode on my website or with any one I should not use his name. He wanted his identity to remain under wraps because he wanted to lead a nameless life like an average person (without any feeling of special mention, popularity and world fame). He thinks that people should take him as a commoner and not that special or specified someone that we usually make out of people (seeing their sterling achievements and positions in life). He would feel happy only when people start admiring their own inner worth and inner diamond without looking at the known people like him around them.

I just had a short and a fleeting meeting with him. Only few words were spoken between us. Not much was said. Even in that unspoken conversation that writer had said everything that I wanted to ask of him. That surreal silence revealed everything that I had always wanted to know throughout my life. That silence was like some open book written by the writer himself and whose words seemed to be self speaking and were clearly audible to me. He was sauntering there under disguise so that people around him could not recognize him. He wanted to remain unknown so that he could also enjoy the ambience of the Golden Temple like a common man – a true man who experiences the world around him in a genuine and honest manner and not like celebrities whose perception often gets overpowered by their ego full of fame and eminence received from the people around them.

And my surprise and happiness knew no bound when the writer himself offered me something to eat at the nearby eatery. From the appearance of that famous and eminent writer who had millions of followers on facebook and twitter one could tell that he was not wearing branded clothes like us and was looking like an average and unprepossessing middle class person. Moreover, he didn’t have taken the help of any potter to carry his luggage. He was carrying a large and highly stuffed backpack over his back.  He really seemed to me like an average man walking anonymously on Indian streets –who we often ignore indifferently and in an uncivilized manner.

Friends, meeting that famous writer, by a stroke of good luck, gave me a peek to some great observations which I wanted to share with you. First of all, it gave me a new but potent lease of hope and encouragement for my rest of life. Secondly, I came to know that we should not go after some social and professional positions in life rather we should stick to only brushing up and shining our inner potential and capability – we all know what we after all made for. Thirdly, we should not become a part of the rat race that usually pushes us to become a person of some power and higher position   so that we could feel happy and contented. We should not become that rat ourselves and get mad in pursuing big and sterling achievements in life only to belittle others. Only to tell others that see what we have achieved with our brain and brawn. Only to boast to others that see how much higher and mightier we have become in our lives. Only to proclaim publicly that see now we are superior to you.

Fourthly, such a kind of self-attracting and self-centered achievement is not an achievement in itself – it is just an ego-flattering act. It is just a self-aggrandizing act that we all want to do so that people around us could hold our family and us in high esteem and recognizable position. So that our relatives and friends and neighbors could recognize our social positions and earned wealth. So that we could feel great, respectable, and powerful in their eyes.

And lastly, today’s generation has gone miserably crazy about becoming someone big in life – big in the sense means ‘being high and mighty in one’s society’. Instead of trying to work hard on their inner qualities, inner talent, latent potential, and inborn creativity and intelligence, our children have been wasting their time, energy, and money on becoming someone that would seem amazing and wonderful to others and that would never make them truly satisfied and happy in the end. They may get the praise and the attention of the world around them but they will never get that inner contentment and genuine happiness in life. They would never bond a true connection with the Mother Nature or their spiritual part. In the end they would feel as if they have earned everything they desired but still their lives are empty or have no meaning to them. In the end they would feel that instead of collecting diamonds in their life they have collected pebble stones. Instead of becoming architects of their inborn talent and creativity they have become prisoners of others’ respect and shallow praise.

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