Would you marry someone whom you don’t know by any stretch of your mind? Would you take saath feray with that person with whom you haven’t spent even a minute let alone a whole day? Would you go with that person forever who hasn’t even won your heart and soul? What kind of system is this in which we are living now-a-days? What kind of social set up is this which let our daughters and sons take away their lives out of some depression and tension arising out of the entangled and never-ending issues of marriage and divorce?

I am not saying that the system of arranged marriage is something sacrilegious or inhuman or old type. What I really want to mean is that arranged marriage as compared to love marriage is not full of blunders and is a den of a lot of problems. Moreover, I also don’t have any intention to say that arranged marriages are not as successful as love marriages or any kind of marriage where even love is not involved but the harmonious interaction of two different minds. Rather I want to say that let our youth enjoy the freedom to decide about their life partners. Let them have the full freedom to understand and know properly and satisfactorily about the person our youth are going to marry. Let them have the power and full capacity to decide about what kind of person they want to see their marriage partners. Let them also have the full freedom to choose their own kind of sufferings.

It is a great and funny paradox that the society in which we find our existence always impress in the minds of their children that they should refrain from talking and mixing with strangers but when it comes to marriage such kind of instructions or rules and regulations become totally unknown to our parents. Rather to one’s utter surprise, our parents themselves eat humble pie or lick their own spit when they tell us go and marry with this or that stranger! This is really ridiculous and preposterous!

One thing that I want to make clear is that one should also not think that today’s parents are not mature or intelligent enough to choose their children’s life partners. They can choose if children would like to go according to their principles and wishes. There are even some youth who feel ok with the decisions of their parents and there is nothing wrong in this. What I truly intent to say is that by giving our youth the freedom to choose and elect their marriage partners parents are laying the foundation of an ‘independent thinking world’ which is also the goal of human life and also safeguarding themselves that in future they would not be blamed by their children in case their marriages get unsuccessful.

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