I was sitting inside my class listening attentively to the words full of knowledge and wisdom of my English teacher. She was going through a poem by William Shakespeare – the most distinguished poet, dramatist, and play writer in English language. Her way and style of teaching was so awesome that everyone present in the class got spellbound as if she were casting some magic in the air. We all were hooked to her words that she was using effectively like some professional orator.

Ours was a co-ed school and so along with girls, boys were also studying with us. Suddenly, there happened something unusual that distracted my rapt attention for a while, something that took me away from the world of facts and reality to the world of something fancy, and something unknown that stirred my heart a little as if something were pulling me hard towards it and I was incapacitated to resist myself.

The thing that happened was – my gaze suddenly fell on one boy of my class, our eyes got tightly locked for a while, some abstract or unsaid communication took place between us, and it started appearing to me as if we both had closely known to each other and were separated from each other for a long time, and thus needed to unite as soon as possible.

Yes friends, you are right. It indeed was the entry of cupid love in my smooth and easy going life.  I know this was a clear indication that for the first time I had fallen in love with someone outside my immediate family circle.  The words of our English teacher who was reading Shakespeare’s poem seemed to be cementing the connection between us. I was out of my senses, I was feeling weak, I was behaving like someone mad who don’t know how to think, what to say, and what to do. It appeared to me as if someone had just unlocked my deep feelings locked up tightly in my internal chambers of heart.  Was it a true love that we all crave strongly for or just a temporary infatuation that always strike us during our hormonal changes while going through our adolescent period? Whatever it may be, but the reality is that love is whimsical, quirky, and fanciful and it can knock down anyone, at any stage of life – believe it or not.  

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