So, are you feeling joyful and satisfied with your smooth and delightful life? Are you enjoying your life to the fullest? Is everything going fine and perfect in your home and at your work place? Are you enjoying the best of your wealth and health? Are you living amidst the warmth and the comfort of your sweet house (as duly maintained by the hard and constant efforts of your parents)? Are you busy with your plush job or booming private business? Are you enjoying your job? Are you minting money or rolling in wealth as if making money is very easy for you? Are you spending your life happily and ecstatically with your chosen life partners? Are your children listening to you? If all the answers to the above-asked questions are positively yes then you must be going through good and propitious events in your life and that too without any seeming struggles and difficulties that we all face on or the other day. It also means that you are lucky and fortunate enough to have all the comforts and luxuries of life at your feet. But unfortunately, there are some families around you for whom even managing two square meals a day is a daunting and a herculean task. For whom life is not a cake walk but a walk over the burning and scalding coals.

Someday try to come out of the soothing warmth and the ecstasy of the delightfulness of your house and observe and sincerely feel the life of thorns as experienced daily by the people (may be your neighbors, close friends, and relatives) in and out of your locality. You may then see people around you toiling and moiling excruciatingly under skin-burning sun and bone-chilling cold. You may see patients writhing in acute pain and suffering through life-taking diseases in government and private hospitals. You may see poor parents going door to door to beg for money so that they could arrange finances for the timely and effective treatment of their children. You may see parents weeping inconsolable when they come to know that their children have left their studies and gone astray. You may see grotesque and horrible accidents of your known ones taking place daily near the highways around you and who die on the way before making to hospitals. You may see the earning members of the economically weak families around you facing untimely death and letting their immediate family members’ hopes of survival and happiness come crashing down. You may see young and bright children dying prematurely in school or college over petty squabbles, road accidents, fake police encounters and wars, street fights, and in hospitals fighting some life-taking ailments. You may also see some physically fit dying suddenly and without giving any prior indication of their unbelievable death.

You may also come across many heart-cleaving cases where families have to go through extreme painful and peculiar circumstances in life which you can’t imagine that such things can exist on earth. There are many similar painful and soul-shaking life incidents around you which if observed with awakened and neutral minds can make you shudder for a while, which can make you get psychologically unstable if such things were to happen in your lives, and which can make you go extremely embittered and frustrated and God knows which can also enforce (some of) you to reach such an unbearable limit where you would not hesitate to take your own lives. When life goes through such horrible rough patches and when everything seems going against us, a kind of gaping dissatisfaction evolves up in our minds. The meaning of life then seems to have totally disappeared and we no longer feel the worthiness of this human life. On such critical moments life seems to have become insipid and tasteless as if something in us had died long back.

Always staying amidst the luxuries and the comforts of life is not a good thing as it makes us forget the perpetual and unending blessings of the great Almighty present everywhere around us. Living and staying continually in the lap of domestic warmth, materialistic pleasures, and social appreciation has an inbuilt disadvantage of making us full of pride, arrogant, and egotistic. It also makes us become shamelessly rude, callous, and forgetful of the bounty of everlasting joys and happiness showered uninterruptedly on us by the Mother Nature or God or Supreme Consciousness or whatever we want to name depending on our faith. Regular and unending good and cool days in life make us become superior and overconfident in life and so this becomes our biggest character weakness of our personality. This then lends false notion to us that we are someone special in society and so we get busy in ignoring and showing indifference to the people in our social circles.

We all are unique, so our lives, and so our problems and miseries in life. Life is not a darling to all. We all have to face one or the other terrible onslaught of this hard human life which is a darling to only few selected ones and not to all. If you have got all the required comforts and joys of life, always feel grateful and indebted to God and your parents that your life is so cool and blissful. And feeling grateful you should also try to ameliorate the sufferings of the    poor and the less privileged ones around you. This act of selfless service to society would then make you humble, earn you the sincere appreciation of society, lessen your sufferings, and also makes you develop a refined and matured perception towards life.

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