Have you ever felt displeased or disappointed or snubbed by your friends for not calling you on mobile or for not making any contact with you for a long time or for not replying to your calls, letters, and occasional home visits? We all might have gone, in one or the other way, through the above mentioned embarrassing situations in our lives when a kind of negative feeling starts taking birth in our minds and make us deeply annoyed and full of resentment towards our loved ones, especially friends. Don’t worry! Below I am giving you a revolutionary and effective remedy in the form of a unique letter with the help of which you can easily win the hearts of your displeased or upset friends. And you will be pleased to know that this is the same letter that helped me to win the heart of my lovely friend (who recently got disappointed with me). For the sake of the letter and to lend it the color of reality and gracefulness, the names that I have used in the letter are imaginary ones and not the real ones.




Dear loved one,

                        Paying respect to your humble and great stature I intend to say that:

1. My name is Gurkirat Singh.

2. I have lustrous and bright accounts in your ‘Social Bank’ with a/c names: Teacher, Big Brother, Friend and Social Mate.

3. The accounts have been properly used and maintained by me from a quite past and they definitely have some required minimum deposit.

4. Sometimes our social transactions do suffer onslaughts of doubts, uncertainties, and attitudinal misperceptions.

5. So, I now want to re-initiate or re-operate my accounts with your bank that were rendered dormant and fortunately not completely deactive by you.

6. So I would like to know all the procedure leading to accounts reactivation.

I shall be sincerely grateful to you in this regard.

Yours lovely

Gurkirat Singh,


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