Krishna is the sole great man in our entire history who reached the absolute height and the depth of religion, and yet he is not at all serious and sad, not in tears. By and large, the chief characteristic of a religious person has been that he is somber, serious and sad looking – like one vanquished in the battle of life, like a renegade from life. In the long line of such sages it is Krishna alone who comes dancing, singing and laughing.

Religions of the past were all life-denying and masochistic, extolling sorrow and suffering as great virtues. If you set aside Krishna’s vision of religion, then every religion of the past presented a sad and sorrowful face. A laughing religion, a religion that accepts life in its totality is yet to be born.

Let us compare Conservative religions of the past and Krishna’s religion in detail:

Conservative Religions: Dichotomy or Duality of life is its theme i.e Happiness and Sorrow, negative and positive, etc.
Krishna’s Religion: Accepts life in all its colors and shade and that too without any condition. Accepts sex and attachment, relationship and indulgence, love and devotion, yoga and meditation and everything there is to life.

Conservative Religions: Accept one part of life and deny the other part i.e accept only the good and graceful things but deny or condemn evil or negative part of life.
Krishna’s Religion: Accepts life in its totality without falling into the trap of right or wrong or ethical or unethical.

Conservative Religions: Life-negative. Don’t laugh, don’t play with life, be serious, be somber, be sad otherwise God would get annoyed with you.
Krishna’s Religion: Life-positive. Do whatever makes you happy but mind it should not make you evil and corrupt one. Whatever you do get immersed in it but your goal should be the highest good.

Conservative Religions: Full of love, kindness and compassion but reject the concept of non-violence or war like mentality.
Krishna’s Religion: Full of love, kindness and compassion but at the same time also ready to take weapons in hands if the need arises so.

Conservative Religions: Like Rama bounded and limited by the rules of character and conduct i.e idealistic attitude. .
Krishna’s Religion: Like Krishna not idealistic, no adherence to rules of conduct and character and limitlessly free.

Conservative Religions: Suppress and Repress bodily instincts and emotions. Make people die with tormenting guilt feelings.
Krishna’s Religion: No suppression and repression. Live your life fully and that too without any social, ethical and religious bondage.

Conservative Religions: Fragmentary and conflict-ridden life cycle.
Krishna’s Religions: Complete, open and free life cycle. Accepts life in its totality.

By Osho

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