Q) What is NASDAQ?
A) NASDAQ stands for National Association of Security Dealers’ Active Quotation. It is a new electronic stock exchange similar to the OTCEI (Over The Counter Exchange Of India) and trade sin new upcoming companies with very high technology linkage. It is closely associated with the New York Stock Exchange.

Q) What is Intellectual Property Right?
A) The phenomenon of the legal characterization and treatment of trade related biotechnological processes and products is known as intellectual property and the rights which have been used for protecting this property are termed Intellectual Property Rights (IPR). It includes patents, trade marks, trade secrets, copy rights. These rights prohibit the making, using or selling of the propriety subject matter by others.

Q) What is Money Laundering?
A) Money is laundered through Hawala which is the system of bypassing the official foreign exchange transaction channel. Operators in the Hawala trade take payments in rupee and supply dollars against it abroad. The trade runs through a network of agents. Payments made in dollars abroad can also be transferred to India and the beneficiary paid in rupees. Dollars can be purchased at a lower rate through Hawala than the official one. Foreign Exchange drawing limits can also be bypassed thereby facilitating money laundering.

Q) What is the Trojan Horse Virus?
A) It is a destructive computer programe hidden within another, designed to breach the security of a computer system while ostensibly performing some innocuous function. This Virus makes copies of itself and spreads them to the recipients. This is transmitted on diskettes and through networks, on-line service on the internet. The Trojan Horse, in Greek Legends, is a hollow horse made of wood that hid Greek soldiers and was left inside the enemy territory. The name Trojan Horse Virus derived from this Legend for the likeness in its aim.

Q) What is mouse potato?
A) A person who spends large amounts of leisure or working time operating a computer. The expression originated in the 90’s after the ‘Couch Potato’, which means a person who does little or no exercise and watches a lot of television.

Q) What is RDX and why is it so lethal?
A) The chemical name for RDX is known as Cyclolisc Mathylene Triretrameni. RDX is the short form for Research Developed Explosive, also known as Cyclonite and Hyxogen. It is a type of plastic which is undetectable by conventional means being totally odourless. It is highly destructive. It carries fuel and oxidizer in the same molecule. On detonation, it creates a powerful blast that sends out shock waves with speed reaching almost 8 to 10 km per/second. RDX can be easily moulded into any shape so it also becomes undetectable. It was first prepared in the year 1899 by Hans Hanning

Source: Funny Logics by Rakesh Nath

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