What could be more embarrassing and pityingly shameful than knowing that the self-proclaimed leaders of Kashmiris- the Separatists- are enjoying the whole gamut of pleasurable and comfortable living, when on the other hand, young kashmiris are laying down their precious lives for just an illusory and farfetched ideology of the Separatists. The misguided and brain-washed youth of Kashmir should know that the so called leaders they are following have epicurean and sensual desires on their minds and their thorough fulfillment is their only goal in life. Could any one tell me what, after all, they have given to Kashmiris? Blood! Deaths! Poverty! Unemployment! Orphans! And what not! What kind of freedom do the Separatists intend to give to Kashmiris? From whose tyranny or misrule do they want freedom? Do they really know what freedom really means?

If they are unable to think themselves free in a big democratic country like India, then let them go and live in Saudi Arabia, Korea, China, Pakistan etc and see for themselves how freedom is curtailed immensely in these stringent countries. The Separatists have become like that ill-tempered wife who pretends herself to be sick so that her husband could show great care and concern to her. In the same manner, they, when feel neglected and pathetically ignored, start fomenting trouble in Kashmir on one or the other pretext. All this well set up drama is done only to catch the attention of the world and especially the central government of India, so that they could feel pampered and pandered to. And their crying-foul like strategy has cashed them a vast panorama of facilities and mentioning them makes one feel embarrassed given the rising but alarming toll of deaths in today’s Kashmir.

Faclities and amenities enjoyed by the Separatists at the expense pf public exchequre:
1. Four international tours annually.
2. Free airplane ticket and free and luxurious stay in five-star hotels.
3. Free high-end medical treatment.
4. Z-Security from Central government.
5. 950 armed security personnel always remain on duty for their security
6. Free lavish government accomodation.
7. Free movement in posh cars

What kind of leaders these so called Separatists are who are just after their cheap epicurean and sensual desires and nothing else? For them, the blood of a young Kashmiri is the bill through which they pay their lavish meals in five-star hotels. For them the tension in the valley is their perennial and lucrative investment which would earn them staggering interest in terms of fame, fortune and wealth. Do they have any iota of shame and remorse left in them? They are not for Kashmir or the Kashmiris, rather Kashmir or the Kashmiris are for them.


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