Two vital things that we all should know about the-much-discussed Asifa’s case:

Shameless Child Abuse:

The frequency and the severity with which the cases of child (girl) abuse in the ever-proclaimed ‘Bharat’ or India of various religious deities have been taking place in India is really considerable and debatable one. And when we throw spotlight on the rarest of the rare case of Asifa it seems that even twin sisters of humanity and compassion have been mercilessly disrobed by the perpetrators of such a heinous and blood-curdling crime in the state of Jammu and Kashmir – known and famous especially for its spiritual significance.

Raping and murdering an innocent and tender girl child of eight in a cold blooded manner clearly evidence that the people of India are still pre-historic men in their thinking. They still are leading an uncivilized and unenlightened life.  The people of India are still not able to slough off their wicked tendencies of brutality, heartlessness, and ruthlessness. Murdering a full grown man (which doesn’t make sense either) is somewhat acceptable in society but it really becomes repugnant and despicable when one rapes and kills a little grown human of just eight years, especially a girl child. Even slapping a little child makes us squirm with some emotional pain which we regret later and when one comes to know what they did with Kathua girl, our conscience gets gravely pricked as if someone has thrust some sharp javelin in our hearts.

After all, what was the crime of Asifa? What offensive thing had she done for which she and her parents had to pay such a huge price? Was it her gender or her affiliation to a particular community that spurred her perpetrators to take her life? The cold-blooded murder of Asifa is a grim reminder and an undeniable evidence that we as humans, we as religious persons, and we as citizens of a biggest democratic set up in the world have shamelessly failed and thus have no moral rights to call us humans. Instead we should call ourselves as ‘educated brutes’ – the brutes who no longer have even an iota of humanity, compassion, and kindness in our severely ailing conscience.

Dirty Politics:

Politics is that bog like contaminated surface which doesn’t allow the rainbow of humanity, morals, compassion, understanding, and justice to penetrate fully or even partially. Politicians have no favorite other than their own wicked plans and corrupt intentions. They have no conscience and morals at all. They are like those excellent and slick salesmen who know only to sell those things that would earn them huge profits and dividends. For them anything is welcome which furthers their dreams to rule and to have perfect control over the credulous and naïve masses.

And these are the same politicians who didn’t budge from taking Asifa’s life. Thanks to the much-circulated theory of polarization in the state between two major communities which took Asifa’s life before she could cross her threshold of childhood and enter her teenage. It was just on the basis of an assumed threat to a particular majority community in Kathua that the devil of the dirty politics in the state blew out Asifa’s life for ever. Asifa’s gruesome rape and murder was just a concealed threat to the particular community so that the so called history, culture and the identity of Jammu could be secured in a just manner.

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