With the heat of Kashmir issue, the minds and hearts of Indians are still sizzling with divided loyalties over who is real ‘Hindustani’, ‘Deshbhakat’, ‘Indian’, ‘Nationalist’, or ‘Rashtravaadi’. The debate is going scandalously bitter day by day and the only objective remained is to find out the anti-nationals residing in every nook and corner of our country and troll them over Twitter, Facebook and Whatsapp in as much reprehensible manner as one could.

Who are we to brand anyone patriotic or unpatriotic? National or anti-national? And who are those selective few fanatically blind and intellectually malign groups or individuals residing in our country and have taken the contract of such wicked and propaganda game of labelling and branding. Labelling and branding people national and anti-national? Labelling and branding Barkha Dutt anti-national and Arnab Goswami nationalist! Labelling Amir Khan communal and anti-national and others nationalists? Labelling some Muslim and Sikh organizations anti-national and RSS purely deshbhakat or national? Labelling Arundhati Roy, who wrote a critical acclaimed and Booker Prize winner ‘The God of Small Things’ Maoist or anti-national and others who serve falsehood and phony appreciation on the platter of their philistine writings and poems nationals!

What has gone wrong with our people? What actually are they after? What kind of khichdi (hotchpotch) is being cooked up in their minds? What kind of disservice are they doing to India by indulging themselves in this dirty and cheap game of pseudo-nationalism in the name of ‘Internet Trolling’ where anyone could say anything, without applying any sanity and without being sensible about character assassinations they commit daily? But the point that I want to make out is: Where is then truth? Who knows truth? Who sees truth? Who feels truth? Where is truth hiding- in our sinful hearts or in our crooked minds? Why do we promote such kind of vicious and self-defeating social and political atmosphere which would sooner or later land us onto the chest of each other with a dagger or a gun in our hands and the whole world would be relishing this smackdown in the ring of intellectual impoverishment and factional politics.

With inner voice nagging at the edges of your conscience, have we ever tried to ponder over the vices that we commit daily? Have we ever stepped out of the daily grindstone of livelihood? Have we ever felt simmering pain in our heart for the suffering and the suppressed ones? Have we ever tried to work with honesty and moral courage while dealing with the tasks of daily life? Have we ever tried to step into the shoes of a cancer patient and felt his terrible pain? Have we ever questioned the existence of our own life on the earth- whether we are living purposefully or purposeless? Have we ever got passionately desirous about the mystical, unknown and spiritual world around us? And many more! The list is inevitably long.

I don’t say that such questions never prodded our conscience but most of the times these questions get crushed down in the eternal grindstone of mediocre or daily life (full of raging ego)- which according to us is nothing but just keeping the fire of the belly kindled. To most of us it is just the only mission in our lives- full and final. We live just to fill our stomachs either by earning in Indian Rupee or American Dollar. Either by living in a mud house or on a filthy footpath or in a big palatial mansion like that of a king. The only point of our life is to raise the standard of our living so that instead of eating from a plate made of iron we could eat from a plate made of gold. 24 Carat gold! Isn’t it? Such has become our fractured mindset that sees nothing but material, material and material. The illusory love of material and nothing else! Thus, making each and everyone one of us materialistically mad. And this madness takes the toll of the voice of the truth present in each and every one of us. It is other thing that most of us trample that voice daily under the feet of our cheap pleasures and ephemeral tastes.

Running, not slowly and cautiously, but at a break-neck speed after the cheap and ephemeral pleasures of the world has become our only sole mission and identity in life. And a time comes when this acquired identity of us then starts clashing with our natural identity (the ever present truth in each and every one of us). Collecting wealth is of no crime when we maintain a proper and healthy balance between the fancy and the reality, between the acquired and the natural and between the false and the truth. It is not the material alone which gives sustenance to our lives. Why do we forget that we also have a spiritual part of our lives that also needs sustenance like our gross needs of the body. Like the body, we do have intangible or paranormal part of our personality- call it anything- which requires daily nourishment or otherwise the day is not far away when that paranormal part starts having a grave influence over us in one or the other way. Sometimes that metaphysical part strikes us horrendously that we couldn’t have ever imagined.

The clash is inevitable sooner or later i.e between the power of the truth and the power of the false/evil and this clash will have serious impact over our bodies or minds. No one can avoid this clash as it is that naked truth which we all have to face in one or the other way now or in the coming future. The truth that would render us shameful, embarrassed and guilt-filled in our own very eyes. The truth that would questions our misdeeds and wrong thoughts. The truth that would make us completely naked in front of our eyes showing our real personality (false and hollow self)- what we truly are and what we were actually doing. The truth that would leave our hearts lacerated and chopped into pieces and each piece crying regretfully for our misdeeds and evil thoughts that we harbour for others, for our own selves and for the whole humanity. The truth that would ultimately give us a sneak preview of our kind of death much long before it could take place.

So before our natural self or the truth present inside us makes us realize in a bitter way what a kind of person we are in reality, let us start questioning by scrutinizing our each and every thought and act of us- small or big. Let us start probing the deep chambers of our hearts where uncountable and unaccountable secrets of our personality lie and which are totally hidden from the people we live close by.


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