The tragic and shameless lynching of 16-year-old Hafiz Junaid and Mohd Ayub Pandith, a DSP in Jammu and Kashmir Police, has once again put a question mark on the ethical, non-violent and secular image of the largest democratic set up in the world i.e India.

Such incidents are the grim reminders that India is still not safe for other communities whose ideologies and values are not in sync with the majority class. These incidents also remind one that India is still in a deep slumber of communal fervor and cheap politics. Lynching of people has once again opened a sorry chapter about what is really simmering in the minds of our brainwashed and misguided people who are just putties in the hands of wicked and devious leaders.

Any crowd or a group or a lynching mob (leaving few rare cases when there is some emotional upsurge arising out of the heat of the situation) in itself is amorphous. It doesn’t have any fixed shape or any form or ideology. And it is not that powerful and crafty as we think. Such a crowd or a group or a lynching mob is given shape and thinking by a particular person or persons. It always has someone in the background to drive or guide it. It always has someone, especially political leaders, in the back who give it instructions to do this or do that.

What India direly and immediately needs is social and political awareness when we are able to see the wicked mentality of our corrupt and unethical political leadership.  The political leadership of our country has been ailing with the last stage of cancer of communalism, regionalism and phony nationalism. For our leaders even such issues are not important ones, they are just after the charm of affluence, power and influence and to achieve and maintain this charm they exploit the above mentioned issues to the fullest.

No court in India, no police station in India and no appeal to the grievance cells of the state government is going to come to our rescue! We have to think jara hat kay and stay where ever we are dat kay. Please don’t take my words as something anti-state or outlawed, what I really want to say that we have to become aware of such crafty mentality of our sly leaders and not become party to their wicked thoughts. We should also show some courage to expose such corrupt leaders in whatever way we can.

Who knows if today it is Junaid and Ayub Pandith, tomorrow it will be me, you or us!!!

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