Immense hidden powers seem to be hidden in the unconscious chambers of our minds, our brains and our souls. We are not just normal living beings like animals with natural limitations and biological restrictions over their thinking and doing capacity. We humans are not just ordinary human beings; we have a vast and limitless reservoir of great talents, potential, capacities and our unique and peerless ability to think things out, to create things out and to resolve our issues and problems out.

Besides, having a bodily advantage over others living beings, we humans have subtle mechanism of thinking, contemplating, imagining and visualizing. We have been differentiated from other animals on the basis of our own control over our lives and also on the basis of the abundance of various kinds of powers that reside in our brains and souls. The powers that were gifted to us by the Mother Nature or that Infinite Super Intelligence whom we commonly called God or the Great Almighty. The powers that have been endowed to us to realize the full potential of our human birth and the powers to accomplish our dreams and desires without getting tired, depressed and deterred from the hard phases of our lives.

Sometimes, I really wonder why we humans totally forgot who we are and whose we are. Yes! Who we are and whose we are! Well, the point that I want to stress here is that the difficulties, hardships, unending worries, career frustrations and life sorrows we often face on our path towards the realization of our much desired ambitions make us so tired, annoyed and frustrated that a kind of feeling comes into our minds that we are nothing, we are powerless and we have no ability and capacity in us. We are just useless creatures. We can’t achieve our goals and dreams in life. Even destiny seems to say that we are failures, failures and failures! And that day is not far away when such destructive self-abuse that we have created for ourselves will destroy and kill us completely. Friends, you see that we all might have gone through the same terrible situation as described above. Haven’t we?

We humans often start believing that nothing seems to come out through our well-put efforts and attempts in life! Nothing we are doing is bringing results! Nothing seems to be in our control! Nothing is going to happen in the near future! And many more lines of self-tormenting start torturing us day after day. As our lives move on further, a time comes when we altogether lose hope in our own abilities and capabilities. When we take ourselves as worthless stuff on earth that have nothing great to boast off.

Instead of letting such negative thinking talk us out of our long-cherished dreams and much sought-after ambitions in life, why not take charge of our lives and start keeping unwavering faith in ourselves and also the faith and the trust in the sleeping powers as given to us by the Supreme Almighty. No difficulty or hardship can stand against the trust or the faith that one have in God. No sorrow or tough phase of life can stand against the trust or the faith that one has in himself. By believing in the trouble shooting powers of our human brain given to us by our lovely universal father God (who is always with us) who or what is going to be against us. Which difficulty or hurdle is going to be against us! Having established that kind of elephantine trust in the Supreme Power and in the powers residing in our minds and souls, I think nothing will restrict us from becoming the Great Personality of our eyes.

Every problem that we face in our lives has an inbuilt solution in it. It is like overlooking the presence of a diamond in front of our own eyes. The diamond like brain that we possess can become a panacea or Rambaan to all our worries, frustrations and resentments. We just have to trust the capacity of our brains or minds or whatever you want to call it if we really want to get out of the pressures of our lives. In brain or mind, God has put such immense powers that we often fail to take notice of. The powers of mind can do wonders to us but the problem is that we don’t want to look inside as our eyes are focused by default on outside. Yes, whenever a problem assails us, we start looking outside for its solution without paying heed to the sleeping powers of mind present with us by birth.

We are not here to do something small but something big and great. Try to figure out that something great for which you have been sent on this earth. For which you have taken human birth. For which you have been gifted with the powers of intelligence, fortitude and wisdom. And for which you have been separated purposefully from animals. Our destiny is not at all in the hands of our petty friends and mean relatives or little people around us. Our destiny, in consonance with the blessings of the Great Almighty, is absolutely in our own hands

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