vocab words

1. Odd man out: an unusual person

2. Off the beaten track: an unfamiliar place

3. Of the old school: having attitudes and ideas that were popular in the past

4. On a fool’s errand: doing something useless and unprofitable

5. One’s days are numbered: someone’s time is over

6. One’s eyes are bigger than one’s stomach: to desire more than what you can hold

7. On one’s guard: to be alert

8. Once in a lifetime chance: a rare opportunity to be missed

9. Once in a blue moon: very rare

10. One’s words stick in one’s throat: to become emotional

11. Play with fire: to take risk

12. Point the finger at someone: to blame someone

13. Power behind the throne: a person who wields the power

14. Pour cold water on something: to discourage someone, to reduce the enthusiasm for doing something

15. Practice what you preach: to be practical

16. Pound the streets: to search for a job

17. Pour money down the drain: to waste money

18.Skate over something: not to give attention to something

19. Sink our differences: to forget enmity

20. Sing someone’s praises: to speak excessively good of someone

21. Pinch and scrape: to live poorly

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