Dharam Singh: The Messiah of Birds


As now a days I’am staying in Gujarat, so today, in the morning, it came to my mind let us have a short walk in the near-by recreational park and see what people do there on Sundays. I went there and had hardly taken a few steps inside the park when suddenly an unusual scene caught my ever-active curiosity. What I saw there was a man of 40 something and he was filling water in the small and big earthen bowls placed here and there in the park. He was so immersed in his task that he apparently forgot that I was standing close to him and so completely forgot to register my presence on his mind. I thought not to disturb him and stood there for 5 complete minutes until he was over with his task.

As soon as he was done away with his task of filling that earthen bowl, I broke the ice by greeting him, ‘Namastay’. He too reciprocated, ‘Namastay’, in a humble and learnt tone. Then my curiosity got better of me and I asked him what he had been doing there with that plastic can full of water in the park. Dharam Singh was his name and he was from Rajasthan. He was a mason by profession and had been living in Gujarat for the last 7-8 years.

I further asked him, “What actually inspire you to do such thing in the park?”. And he answered, “We can easily fill our stomach but who looks after these- pointing his index finger towards the birds and the land reptiles who were drinking water from similarly placed a number of earthen bowls in the park. Moreover, it really tugged my deep chambers of heart When I got to know the source of his inspiration. He told me that he was also used to be one of the regulars/walkers in that recreational park. But one day he noticed that thing which completely changed his life for the best. While walking in the park, he happened to come across a squirrel which was struggling hard to drink water from a small pouch of half-filled water thrown there by one of the walkers.

So having seen that touching and heart-lacerating scene, Dharam Singh got internally moved and he, then and there, took an irretrievable oath to do something great for those little reptiles and birds. And so he has been doing this great service for the last 7-8 years and that too without having any cheap intention, like today’s men, to get something from those little animals in return.

His answer stirred my soul immensely and my conscience threw a heart-rending googly like question to me, “What are you doing for others?”

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