A large number of children admited at ICU for encephalitis treatment ,At least 30 children lost their lives due to encephalitis in last 48 hours at Gorakhpur’s BRD Hospital after Supply of liquid oxygen was disrupted yesterday due to pending payment. Express photo by Vishal Srivastav 12.08.2017

It is really a matter of utmost gravity and national disaster that more than 70 infants in India have to face untimely and tragic death – not accidentally and due to some natural calamity but regretfully due to the lack of administrative morality and political ethics. Such a national tragedy has the potential to topple down any government in any part of the world – sooner or later. Seeing such considerable number of infants being trampled down mercilessly by untimely and bone-chilling death is a grim reminder of the infamous ‘Bhopal Gas Leak’ when innocent people and children had died while sleeping in their houses. Those hapless and destiny-struck people even didn’t know that they had died in their deep sleep. The only difference is that ‘the Bhopal Gas Tragedy’ involved a life-taking gas but here (in Gorakhpur Hospital, Uttar Pradesh), the gas involved was life-saving!

It is really pathetic and reprehensible to know that even ‘Oxygen’ gets preyed upon by our morally-corrupt and shamelessly wicked officers and politicians. Instead of passing the buck and taking undue advantage of political power, let us question our own inner selves and face our naked selves. Let us accept the truth that we being the big officers and powerful leaders of India are so much greedy and shamelessly corrupt in our characters that we don’t want other Indians and especially the downtrodden and the suppressed one to live with basic requirements of a dignified life. Let us accept the stark reality of being human that we can’t do away with our self-centered approach towards life – that we are mean and extremely selfish.  Let us also accept the grim truth that we just want to see our own pockets getting swelled and it doesn’t matter whether India goes up or comes down!

If such a macabre and soul-stirring incident doesn’t tug the deep running fibers of the conscience of each and every sentient Indian to even a bit then it means that India has lost her soul and is on the brink of political suicide as well as moral suicide.  Earlier it was our morality that we lost but now seeing Gorakhpur incident it seems that we have also lost our basic meaning of being a human. That shameless hospital administration had sufficient time and so could have gauged well the gravity of the situation and could also have notified the Uttar Pradesh government (I think the government must have been notified with such grave matter but it must have turned deaf ears or blind eyes) and moreover the oxygen-providing company could have waited for some more time as it involved the fragile lives of fragile humans. Can Godly-created humans be such un-sensitive and un-emotional that they remained utterly failed to differentiate between a man and an infant? Man has the power to retaliate but not the little infants!




Image Source: The Indian Express

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