“Connect to your mortality. Thinking about death is very life affirming. It is only when we deeply and emotionally connect to the fact that our lives are short and our hours are limited that we can fully live, and give every bit of ourselves to our waking moments. If you had only one year left to live, I bet you would live very differently than you do right now. You would make certain that you lived without regrets, you would take chances; you would risk opening your heart for love; and you would live with total passion, great gusto, and a lovely focus on the worthy.”

The great lines you just read above have been taken from Robin Sharma’s bestselling book – The Saint, The Surfer and the CEO. After reading his insightful and awe-inspiring lines, which also form the essence of the naked truth that we usually try hard to forget, one gets compelled to dive deep into one’s soul and question whether we really know that we all have to die some or the other day. It is a universal and undeniable grand truth that whoever comes on earth has to bid final goodbye to their loved and cherished ones – sooner or later. Life is no one’s favorite and we all have to leave this earth and that too without receiving or giving any prior intimation of our death to the people around us.

Death of each and every one of us is perfectly sure and no one can postpone or say no to it. When time comes, we all have to obey the command of death whether we are an infant or an energetic school boy or a mature and charismatic adult or a full grown human being. Death keeps no calendar on earth and this unpalatable truth is very well known to us. We get so immersed and absorbed in our moments of life that the concept of death gets totally forgetful and negligible to us. Our attitude towards life becomes such light, immature, childish, and foolish that we start thinking that we are immortal and death would come after a long time when we have spent enough long years of life on earth.

Why is it important to get emotionally connected to your death or remember your death?

Why is it immensely necessary that we all should take heed of the fact that our day of death is nearing us?

What would we get when we start focusing on our death?

The questions may be many like the burning ones asked above but when we think about the advantages and the benefits of remembering our death, no one can deny the fact that even death can act as a stimulus or a sort of unusual encouragement for inspiring us like anything. So, let us know the great benefits of getting connecting to our human mortality on earth.

Value of Time:

When we become fully certain that sooner or later we are going to die, we would not take our time lightly as if we have enough time on earth. Death would create in our mind a kind of urgency – like the one seen during war times. Such scenario will reveal to us the importance and the great value of time. Sensing the urgency and the importance of our limited time on earth, we would get rightly and adequately focused in our lives. We would get double serious strongly determined to go after our goals and dreams in life. And this would then push or compel us to set priorities in our lives. We would not waste or fritter away our valuable time on useless and meaningless issues. Moreover, the certainty or the fear of looming death would also cut short our tendency to procrastinate or make delays while taking significant decisions in life. Rather it would embolden us to take risks and chances in life.

Value of life.

When we come to realize that all humans are going to die sooner or later, we would then start appreciating and acknowledging the value of this ephemeral human life on earth. To us our families and loved ones would become more close. To us each and every human life on earth would become something sacred, loveable, cherishable, and respectable. To us hurting and offending the sentiments and feelings of other humans around us would seem like some major and unforgivable sins. Even thinking about killing others would run shiver into our spines. This would in return serve two purposes. First, we would start respecting and loving one another. Second, it would stop us from becoming easy preys to our five enemies on earth i.e anger, greed, lust, attachment, and egos. So time is running, from today onwards get connected to your death – without any further delay.

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