“What excites me is the idea of creating the impact, because many people cannot access education or afford it”. These are the great words of doctor turned civil servant turned full time e-tutor Dr. Roman Saini. When his friends were rolling in the red carpet life of power and luxury, Dr. Saini, the youngest IAS officer of 2013 batch decided to sacrifice his hard-earned position for the sake of his life passion i.e ‘being a passionate e-tutor’. Yes, in spite of having tasted the charm, glamour, power and prestige endowed with the position of IAS, Dr. Roman still wanted to lead a simple but honorable life of an e-educator. He didn’t want to live influentially, egoistically and aristocratically like other IAS officers of the country. His only burning dream that pushed him towards quitting IAS job was ‘the humble dispenser of quality education’ in a social and humanitarian manner. He made an unflinching commitment to pursue his passion of teaching IAS aspirants by being the partner founder of online educational platform ‘’. He started this academy in 2013 in partnership with his friend.

Starting such private venture with his friend Gaurav Munjal on one hand and quitting the comfortable and secured government job of IAS on the other hand is in itself an act of great courage and sacrifice. Their You-Tube channel ‘unaacademy’ has received more than one crore hits and has more than one lack subscribers. It also speaks volume about the spirit of one’s passion, vision and mission. When everyone is jumping addictively on the bandwagon of the life of position and power, Roman’s bold and unprecedented decision to quit such top slot job is really a fine example of resolve and determination. The online academy started by the duo is awesomely wonderful. It has high quality and thoroughly researched and re-researched content material for the IAS aspirants in particular and other students in general.

Dr. Roman Saini, who has now become a full time entrepreneur, e-educator, and speaker, was born on 27th July 1991 in Jaipur, Rajasthan. At the mere age of 16, he had had a degree in MBBS from AIIMS before he cleared his Civil Services in 2013. With that, he also became the youngest cracker of IAS exams i.e at just the little age of 22. He got the stunning attention of whole world towards him when he achieved such once-in-a-life time feat- which is a wonder and recognition in itself.

In 2016, he was serving at the designation of Assistant District Collector when he finally made his herculean decision to go after his passion of education, his passion of teaching and his passion of empowering the intellectual wings of the aspirant youth of vibrant and developing India. He resigned in 2016 before the formal completion of his training. His spirit of social entrepreneurship, without any iota of doubt, is praiseworthy and laudable one. salutes and congratulates Dr. Roman Saini for showing his spirit of discontentment- which is the starting point of one’s greatness and the life of sublime contentment. His courage to follow his passion of education is highly appreciative and commendable one. wishes his ‘’ abounding and flourishing success.

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