In hospitals, even in government ones, doctors on duty show reluctance and unwillingness in treating poor patients, include middle-class people as well, who don’t have any abundant wealth like the rich class to flaunt. When patients of these low classes would visit them, the doctors here would twitch even their noses as if these patients would have been emitting some foul smell from their bodies. They would also show disregard to them by speaking to them in a rude and impolite manner. They would not talk in a decent manner to them like when they usually talk to the people with wealth and power. Doctors behave in an arrogant and conceited manner as if they are the sitting dons of that hospital.

They would never come on time to make their scheduled rounds of their patients. They would need to be continually reminded in their cozy cabins that they have got to see some patient. They would come at their own convenience but not according to their duty concerned. They would never diagnose them properly but only do their own experiments without telling them the real problem.

Instead of focusing on the minimization of financial burden on such patients, they would prolong their treatment and would prescribe unnecessary costly tests and medicines for them. They have options to prescribe low-cost medicines with quality result but they would never do so as they know fully well that doing such a thing would put their high commission and expensive gifts on hold. Some doctors nowadays have even set up their own chemist shops at their own clinics, thus enforcing their patients to purchase medicines from there only.

These modern doctors don’t have even an iota of shame and fear of God knowing in their hearts that whatever they are doing is ethically and democratically wrong – not just wrong it is a wanton and flagrant act of medical profanity which is reprehensible in every manner. These poor and middle-class people, whose income is not up to the mark, get all their life-time savings fleeced by these vultures-like doctors who don’t leave even a bit of skin on their victims’ skin. It would not be wrong to say that these greedy doctors have become puppets in the hands of pharmaceutical companies who have enslaved them with the charm of money and other lucrative incentives. These unethical doctors have even opened their own clinics and have also kept their ‘dalaals’ or agents who after taking huge amount help them in sending patients to them. And when such referred patients come into these clinics, they got trapped and feel cheated when they got discharged from such immensely mushrooming clinics in India.

Sometimes it happens that a patient doesn’t need any surgery at all but to earn money, they would put up one or other fabricated reason to convince them that if such an operation is not done then some serious consequence may happen to them at any time. This is totally ridiculous in nature but the stark reality is, it happens, daily and without any qualm of guilt and remorse in their stony hearts.
When poor or middle-class patients go to them, they are afraid of speaking to them in as honest and comfortable manner as one can. They know that doctors at public hospitals will not allow them to speak in detail as such doctors quickly lose their patience and start lambasting them unreasonably.

The patients from the low classes are considered ragtag or trash by these conceited doctors, they think that such patients could be trifled with as they don’t have any self-esteem and dignity in their eyes. Preposterous and extremely disgusting to write this! But this is the stark reality that our poor patients regularly and invariantly faced nowadays when materialism has gone too deep into the bones of our modern doctors.

Rich and affluent patients are someone special to them and their tone and character would quickly change within minutes. Why such a kind of unethical discrimination in India? Why such doctors are found indulging in such unethical clinical practices in India where patients to them are nothing but just guinea pigs on whom they could carry out their petty medical experiments to know whether such and such medicines are effective or not? Is there any private or government agency which is keeping strict vigil on such wicked and disgraceful doctors in India and abroad as well?

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