Nowadays everyone wants to be treated like celebrities. Everyone wishes to appear superior and special among others, especially one’s friends, relatives, and neighbors. This eating desire to feel distinct and more important than others sometimes becomes so intense and outlandish that we fail to keep our tempers and immediately lose our senses.  You might have seen such people around you suffering from the bug of ‘superiority complex’ and creating scenes here and there just to catch people’s attention. With the boom in economic conditions of people, the meteoric and sudden rise of our living standards and social status, the advancement in the comforts and the facilities of modern life, and the rapid growth in consumerism and materialism around us, this infection of ‘appearing someone special’ is spreading like wildfire.

It is not wrong at all to feel someone special as it raises our self-esteem. And we all know very well that having healthy self-esteem is not an evil. Rather it promotes one’s confidence and success in life. But things go awry when our desire to feel someone special gets out of control and starts violating moral code, ethical values, social values, and the laws of the land. Things also go haywire when on becoming economically strong,  government officers or politically empowered people we start ignoring the rest of the people around us and paying no consideration to their life and rights. Why is it that when people land on some economically and politically strong positions in life, they start feeling the following things in their minds?

That they have something special to boast and show off.

That they are separate and distinct from others.

That they are not ordinary people like others.

That they are far superior to the rest of the humanity in all the aspects of social life.

That nothing can come against them.

That whatever they do is perfectly right and correct and nobody can challenge them.

That they need immediate and quick attention than others.

That their needs supersede others in society.

That their family comes first and so their family should be entertained like children of kings.

That they want to be seen as people with some special status.

That they want to be seen as people with some special social position.

That they want to be seen as people with some special political influence and dominance.

That they want to be seen as people with some special privileges and power.

That they want to be singled out for some special treatment and favors.

That they feel uncomfortable with acknowledging their desire to feel special.

That they are special people and so can violate rules.

That doctors will see them first because they are people with special circumstances.

That traffic cops will let them off with some mild nodding while being caught violating traffic rules on road.

That it is their inalienable right to receive extra bit of respect and flattery-full attention.

That they want to be seen as persons to be validated as unique.

That the rules don’t apply to them because they are special.

That they need special hearing and time because their social status and economic position are far more important than the general public.

That they desire to feel number one among friends, relatives, neighbors, customers, clients, and patients.

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