A Small Tribute to a Woman Martyr who struggled for her only son till the time of her tragic death.


Bahut Kam Log Hote Hain, Jmane Main Aisay,
Sachi Chahat Ki Jinhe Pehchan Hoti Hai…

In this time of domestic violence and changing values when virtues of compassion and humanity are at their lowest, it is really both appreciating and tragic to find a woman, who succeeded in realizing her dream but the only and the heavy price that she had to pay was her life. It was few years back when I was teaching at Future Pack Higher Secondary School, Upper Gadi Garh, Jammu, that there came Kamaljit Kaur (who is seen with her son in the picture above). She came there for a job, and was looking very frail and weak and it seemed as if she was going through some tragic part of life. As the information started pouring in, it came to all our extreme surprise that she was a patient of cancer and when her husband came to know about her disease, he cowardly ran away abroad without informing her. As this was not enough, even her in-laws turned out more brute and barbarians then her husband. Her in-laws were treating her like a housemaid- for them she was not their daughter-in-law but a legally-purchased maid who would manage their house.

Her husband didn’t even think about their only son when he fled abroad. So in order to earn her livelihood, arrange money for her treatment and to manage the upbringing of her only son, she came to join school on that day. The principle of the school Narinder Singh was so kind hearted and nice that he realized the gravity of the situation and gave her the job of an office clerk. The happiness and the relief on her face were clearly evident when she was hired by the principal. From the next day she started doing her job with utmost honesty and punctuality.

Seeing her dedication and courage through which she had been battling against her terminal sickness (Cancer) and in-laws’ rough treatment, the principal along with her caring and learnt wife Manjeet Kaur who is also a lecturer in a government school, started helping her morally, emotionally and financially. Both the principal and his lecturer wife got emotionally and humanely considerate towards Kamaljit Kaur. They even started teaching her only son- totally free of charge and without demanding any extra work from her. Their care and love for that woman and her son grew so much that both the mother and the son became an essential and valuable part of their family. God doesn’t live on earth but He always sends His angels on earth to take care of His children.

There is no denying the fact that the principal and his lecturer wife were those earthly angels who were looking after that mother and her little son. This was not the only case seen by them, as a matter of surprise and gladness, before her, they had selflessly helped a great many poor children in getting free and quality education at their school. Not even this, till date, they are rendering their humanitarian service in one or the other way. As the days wore on, it also came to my knowledge that the principal and his wife were also going along with the woman whenever she was called for any cancer related therapy in hospitals. Where were her husband and her in-laws during her battle against cancer? Wasn’t it their duty to look after their daughter-in-law when her husband was not here? But sadly and with broken heart, all her medical needs were duly taken care by the principle and his wife. What would have happened had she not joined that school? Then who would have come to her rescue? Her husband- who fled like a coward leaving her behind? Or her cruel and stony-hearted in-laws- for whom she was only a mere housemaid?

Coming to school, making regular visits to hospitals carrying heavy loaded-piles of files of her medical history (even I had paid witness to such a heart-cleaving scene when I saw her standing in some hospital), doing house work and bringing up her child had become daily mind-numbing chores for her. She was not living her life; she was just dragging her life. The only comfort and solace that she had in her heart and which was also acting as her courage was that her lovely little son was being given parental shade both by the principal and his wife. They were also giving valuable life teachings to that little boy who was unaware that in the coming time he will no more sit in the cozy lap of his great mother. And that unfortunate day came untimely and took away his mother to another world from where no one has ever come. She lost her battle against her disease but she fought really hard and her courage, determination and willpower while battling against her disease were certainly immensely appreciative and laudable. She never say ‘Oh life!, she rather said ‘Hi life!’.

She is no more with us but you all will be glad to know that before her death she became successful in making her life dream true. Her dream was to see her son join much-sought-after ‘Sainik School, Nagrota, Jammu. Yes, her only goal and dream for which she was struggling so hard was to see her son a student of Sainik School. The day her son got admission into that school, was the happiest day of her life and all this would have not been at all possible without the grand service towards suffering humanity done purely by principal and her compassionate wife. Such people like the principle and his wife are very hard to find in this time of emotional crunch when materialism and sensualism are at their highest peak, when brains rule over our hearts and also when selfishness has hijacked our selflessness or divinity present in us.

Her dream of getting her adorable son into the most admired Sainik School was not born out of some fanciful state of mind, rather she unlike her husband who became renegade and run away from them or from his moral and social responsibility, wanted to see her son proudly and bravely face his enemies like a young military man. Her dream to see her beloved son as an army officer is really appreciative and commendable one.

Lifepotter.com salutes to this great and brave woman who died like a real martyr on the battleground of hard emotions. Lifepotter.com also salutes the principal and his wife for their selfless and heroic service towards humankind.

Principal Narinder Singh and his lecturer wife Mrs. Manjeet Kaur enjoying picnic with master Jorawar Singh (the brave and intelligent son of late Kamaljit Kaur)

Wife of Pricipal Narinder Singh celebrating the birthday of master Jorawar Singh at Sainik SchooL,Nagrota,Jammu.

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