To enable the child to grow up free from prejudice, one has to first break down all prejudices within oneself, and then in one’s environment- which means breaking down the baseless structure of this thoughtless and entrenched society which we have created by default.
At home we may tell the child how absurd it is to be conscious of one’s class or race, and he will probably agree with us; but when he goes to school and plays with other children, he becomes contaminated by the negative and the narrow atmosphere of the school. Or it may be the other way around: the home may be traditional, narrow, and the school’s influence may be broader. In either case there is a constant battle between the home and the school environments, and the child is caught between the two.
To raise a child sanely, to help him to be perceptive so that he sees through these stupid prejudices, we have to be in close relationship with him. We have to talk things over and let him listen to intelligent conversations; we have to encourage the spirit of enquiry and discontent which is already in him by birth, thereby helping him to discover for himself what is true and what is false.
It is constant enquiry, true dissatisfaction, that brings creative intelligence; but to keep enquiry and discontentment awake is extremely arduous, and most people do not want their children to have this kind of intelligence, for it is very uncomfortable to live with someone who is constantly questioning the accepted values around the world.
All of us were discontented when we were young, but unfortunately, owing to the social pressure and other domestic constraints our discontentment soon faded away. It was also smothered by our imitative tendencies and our worship of authority. As we grew older, we began to entrenched and crystallized in our falsely acquired beliefs. We became executives, priests, bank clerks, factory managers, technicians, politicians and slow intellectual decay set in. because we desire to maintain our hard-earned positions in life, we support the destructive society which has placed us there and given us some measure of security.
Government control of the education is calamitous. There is no hope of peace and order in the world as long as education is the handmaid of the state or of the organized religion. Yet more and more governments are taking charge of the children and their future.

Jiddu Krishnamurti
A Great Indian Philosopher
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