self image

Shun those people whose negative talk make you feel defeated, who crush your self-esteem a lot, who crush your desire to win and who don’t think you anything against you.
Always be around only those people whose presence makes you learn something valuable and worthwhile in life, the people who let you develop in the way that you yourself want and who never make destructive criticism about your personality and decisions in life.
Have you ever encounter such negative and small-minded friends or relatives or acquaintances around you who often slip the following subtle self-crushing statements in your minds?

1. You can’t do this.
2. You can’t do that.
3. You don’t have right qualification.
4. You don’t have that face.
5. You don’t have that height.
6. You don’t have that body.
7. You don’t have that background.
8. You don’t have that look.
9. You don’t have that money.
10.You don’t have that quality.
11.You are not that smart.
12.You are a fool.
13.You might as well give up and save yourself the time and aggravation.
14.You can’t do that thing as you are too young.
15.You can’t do that stuff as you are too old.
16.You can’t do this as you are a girl!
17.Why don’t you stop all this foolishness? It is embarrassing.
18. This is impossible. You have gone crazy!
19. Are you in your senses? You are not going to get anything worthwhile through this illusory goal of yours.
20. Sorry, we can’t hire you as you are disabled.
21. Ha…ha…ha! Everyone has tried this, you know. Now you wanna give it a try. Hey man, you have gone mad. Go and sit in the cozy lap of your mother. You are after something impossible. You should know it.

Go through the following wonderful poem by ‘Alan Torgeson’ and see what he has to say about those negative and small-minded friends and people.

“Some of the most dangerous people are not the ones
Who hit you with clubs, or rob you with guns
They will not be the enemies who attack your character traits
Or try to belittle your abilities right in your face
No, the most dangerous people are small-minded friends
Whose negative talk crushes your self-image and your desire to win
They do not threaten your life at the point of a gun
Rather they steal your dreams by saying that it just can’t be done
When pointing to others doing what you dream you can do
They say, “You can’t do it, it won’t happen for you”
It does not matter that their words are untrue
You listen anyway, thinking they know you better than you
So you are robbed of your dreams and your hopes to succeed
Robbed of the blessing that you could have received
Robbed of your faith who says that “You Can”
Robbed by an ignorant small-minded friend
So the most dangerous ones
Are not the ones with the clubs and the guns
But the ones who keep telling you that it cannot be done
For that which is stolen by a burglar can be gotten again
But who can replace your dream and your desire to win!”

So friends never pay heed to these small-minded friends that often try to rob you of your great dreams in life. Listening to them will get you nothing in life but only severely-crushed self image. Be self-confident and follow your dreams with your utmost passion and determination.

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