Until now, the great brains of the scientific world have kept their object of study limited only to Atoms’ or ‘Matter’ alone- the building blocks of the entire universe that we see around us and especially in context to our planet earth on which we find our meager existence. Big and small inventions, discoveries and planetary exploration ranging from a palm-size personal computer to a giant size Hubble Space Telescope by our refined scientific brains have transformed the lives of today’s generation in a substantial and significant manner. Whether we talk about elephantine revolutions in the telecommunication or net surfing or medical world or astronomy, everywhere we can see the influence of science and that influence is due to the research and experimentation on ‘Atom’ or ‘Matter’.

It is clearly understood that the whole study of science revolves only around ‘Atom’ or in layman language ‘Matter’. And sometimes I wonder or feel immensely surprised that if by concentrating only on just a single ‘Atom’, the entire landscape of the earth or the standard of life of humanity could be changed on such a greater and dramatic level, then imagine what could have happened if our great scientists had focused also on ‘Atma’ or ‘Soul’- the Source Of Universal Light or energy (SOUL)?

Soul is the source of our consciousness or awareness or our ability to feel our body, others and the environment around us. Yes! Think for a while that if just concentrating only on on a single ‘Atom’ or minuscule ‘Matter’ which is secondary to ‘Soul’, our humanity has reached such a perfection in everything, what more and greater achievements we could have earned, had our entire science focused also on ‘Soul’?

Matter which is inert (in the sense that apparently we can’t see its physical movement but it is also proved that matter in any stage has movement) in nature has no power or utility unless and until there is some conscious or awakened mind to feel it or sense it. Matter is thus useless and insubstantial without its user. Or on more simpler terms we can say that matter is an instrument in the hands of an instrumentalist.

Like a mouth organ which needs someone to blow it, in the same manner ‘Matter’ or ‘Atom’ needs some consciousness like something or that thing which can feel or sense its own self or its surroundings. At the same time we should also not forget the important role played by ‘Atoms’ in this whole creation. The whole creation is composed of tiny and minuscule atoms like molecules which we can’t see through our naked eyes but only through electronic microscope. And it is these molecules which are the building blocks of the whole universe.

There is also no second opinion that without ‘Atom’ there will be no earth or life like things possible. But the point of contention is that in the hustle and bustle of ‘Atom’, our scientists forgot to pay due consideration to ‘Soul’, which is primary to ‘Matter’.
Does ‘Soul’ come first or ‘Atom’ in which it resides? Or did both come at the same time? Is ‘Atom’ produced by ‘Soul’ or vice versa? Tricky? Similar to another tricky question- which came first hen or egg! Isn’t it?

The question may seem mind-boggling or mind-spinning but anyhow, the humanity wants the answer as far its ever-rising curiosity is concerned. Or we can also assume that may be the whole universe was created for someone- someone like ‘Soul’- who was going to join it on the later stages of its development or perfection. Or we can also assume that the Supreme Power like God worked the whole creation and after managing everything properly, that Supreme Power infused ‘Consciousness’ or ‘Souls’ into ‘Atoms’ or ‘Matter’.

It is an open and shut case that ‘Consciousness’ or ‘Soul’ is no more a mystery or any illusion and of course, its existence couldn’t be discounted at any cost. It is fundamental and basic to everything that we see in our environment or even our environment. It precedes matter or ‘Atoms’. But the burning question is how it is possible that something which is totally invisible and formless in nature is responsible for the whole universal creation? And this is the point where our scientists and great philosophers and spiritual gurus come widely apart from each others’ideology. The point at which both the parties don’t share any ideological synchronicity or where both of the parties don’t agree at all.

If scientists could believe that our thoughts which are invisible and untouchable in nature have such potency that they can change the physical and the mental landscape of any person or can become thriving grounds for diseases in people’s bodies or can become a point of clash or affection between two humans or can encourage or discourage anyone. Likewise, if electricity or energy or electromagnetism, which are invisible and formless in nature, can have great influence on humans or other celestial bodies, then what does it matter to our elite scientists if they heartily agree to the fact that there exists ‘Soul’ like thing in the world? Is ‘Soul’ also not invisible and untouchable like thoughts or energy that occupy our mind and bodies and that too without taking even an iota of space of our brains?

Now the time is changing and seeing the all-around violence and destruction, it has become mandatory for our scientists to turn the needle of their research towards ‘Soul’ or ‘Consciousness’ which is an essential and pivotal part of that Supreme Power- the source of lasting and never-ending bliss, happiness,love, joy, contentment, power(creative one) and contentment. Now the time has come sufficiently ripe when we all have to grow soul-consciousness and do away with our body-consciousness if we really want to remain happy and contentment- which are the real and original qualities of a soul. All the diseases, destruction, violence, anger, hatred, sadness, sorrow, unhappiness, lust and devastation on the globe have only one big cause in common and that is dominance of ‘Matter’ or ‘Atom’ over ‘Soul’.


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